Splinterlands Focus Giveaway (Win Free Card) - Round #1188

Hello, Splinterpeeps!

Welcome to the 1188th round of Splinterlands giveaway! We had a very nice turnout on the last giveaway post and it looks like you guys like GOLD-FOILED cards a lot! Who doesn't? 😂 There were 38 comments on the post, but there can be only ONE winner! It was interesting to see that people were divided and half of you asked for Hill Giant and the other half for Kulu Swimhunter! Who was the luckiest? Scroll down and you will find out... Maybe it was you? 😃

But, before going there, just a short reflection on my last focus mission rewards... Firstly, you can see my rewards from today when I have collected 7 DIAMOND chests and you can see the content of them below at the first screenshot... You can easily spot that I got only 1 card, but luckily, it was an EPIC card and I got 2 in one chest...


Secondly, these were my rewards from yesterday when I accumulated 6 DIAMOND chests and I got cards only in one chest (again), but this time, it was 11 common cards...


In conclusion, I have to say that there is a huge difference between rewards in this season compared to the last one! In the first place, I thought that I was just tripping that these rewards were "poorer" as I got into the DIAMOND league earlier than previous seasons... I thought that I would get better rewards if I stayed in the GOLD for a longer time, but...

Then I took a look and compared the last 6-7 days' rewards of the last season with this one and the difference was obvious (btw. if you are curious you can check out my older posts from that period... it's great that I have "documented" those results)... Past season, I was getting a similar amount of DIAMOND chests, but I would get cards in 30-50% of chests, and not in 10-20% like this season!

I hope that this will not become the standard image in future reward chests and that I was just unlucky this season! How are your rewards this season compared to the previous?

The idea of the giveaway is that I would like to give every day for free (or every second day, depending on my free time for playing the game and getting rewards) one of my cards! You just have to pick up which one you like most!

Today's options to choose from (PICK BETWEEN THESE TWO CARDS):

SplinterLands PickOne.jpg

The lucky winner will receive 1 Splinterlands card of his choice!!!

Rules for Splinterlands quest giveaway:

1. Comment on this post what card (only card!) you want from offered ones
2. Put your Splinterlands username in the comment (if it is not the same as here).
::. You can also tag your friends in comments to invite them to join the giveaway .::
3. Play fair and don't enter multiple comments with the same game username... All winners are checked before rewarding...

NO Upvote, NO Follow, and NO Reblog required!!! But it would be appreciated if done.

The winner will be chosen by a random comment picker (filoz.info/picker) and he/she will receive the chosen card in level 1.

The game will last at least 23-24 hours, or until this post has a minimum of 5 valid comments (except bots, spam comments, etc.).

Results of Splinterlands giveaway No: 1187


The GOLD FOILED card goes to ------- >>> @emeraldtiger


For non-winners, I hope you have better luck in the next round of the #splinterlands giveaway!


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