Splinterlands Focus Giveaway (Win Free Card) - Round #1185

Hello, Splinterpeeps!

Welcome to the 1185th round of Splinterlands giveaway! I made a mistake, right at the beginning of the season... Last season, I was testing a theory about staying in the Gold League for a longer time because of a bigger amount of (less valuable) chests than I would get in the Diamond League... And then, this season, I got very early in a position that I can jump into the Diamond League, and I did it... 🤦‍♀

You can see the result of that move in the next few screenshots from my daily focus chests rewards... Let's begin... From the newest to the oldest...

So, what you can see below are my 4 Diamond chests earned by battling for the daily focus mission... I got 4 chests in total, and I had a card (or better said 5) in only one of them... But, truth to be told, they were 5 gold foiled cards which probably wouldn't happen ever in some of the Gold chests... As I said before, better quality, less quantity...


The second screenshot is my rewards from yesterday's focus mission... As you can see, I got only 3 chests, but I got 8 RARE cards in one of them... And I got 8 cards... Again, if I had played in the Gold, I would probably get around 5-8 chests, and maybe 3-4 card(s) rewards...


And the last screenshot is my rewards the day before yesterday where I didn't get any cards, just MERITS tokens and potions... So, in conclusion, I think I got too early into the Diamond League as I'm not ready to battle against more powerful players who are currently at the same level as me... My final goal is around the Diamond 2 or maximum Diamond 1 league, and these guys that are currently here are "champions material"...


The idea of the giveaway is that I would like to give every day for free (or every second day, depending on my free time for playing the game and getting rewards) one of my cards! You just have to pick up which one you like most!

Today's options to choose from (PICK BETWEEN THESE TWO CARDS):

SplinterLands PickOne.jpg

The lucky winner will receive 1 Splinterlands card of his choice!!!

Rules for Splinterlands quest giveaway:

1. Comment on this post what card (only card!) you want from offered ones
2. Put your Splinterlands username in the comment (if it is not the same as here).
::. You can also tag your friends in comments to invite them to join the giveaway .::
3. Play fair and don't enter multiple comments with the same game username... All winners are checked before rewarding...

NO Upvote, NO Follow, and NO Reblog required!!! But it would be appreciated if done.

The winner will be chosen by a random comment picker (filoz.info/picker) and he/she will receive the chosen card in level 1.

The game will last at least 23-24 hours, or until this post has a minimum of 5 valid comments (except bots, spam comments, etc.).

Results of Splinterlands giveaway No: 1184


The GOLDEN FOILED card goes to ------- >>> @blitzzzz


For non-winners, I hope you have better luck in the next round of the #splinterlands giveaway!


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