Win This Gold Foil Card Splinterlands

Awesome turn out last week everyone! Thank you for the support as well. We are hitting some big milestones and it's all thanks to your tips and support that we are able to continue to fund and grow this project.

In the near feature we will be adding in bonus entries for certain actions. These actions are geared towards getting more exposure to the giveaways and Splinterlands / Hive as a whole.

Tips in comments(🍕 PIZZA , 🍺 BEER, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV , 🍷 WINE, 😆 LOLZ, 👫 ENGAGE, ❤️ ALIVE, NEW🤴KING etc.) and upvotes greatly help as well to be able to run bigger giveaways in the future.

What's Up For Grabs

**This card is now officially out of print! ** The only way to get it is here via this giveaway or off the market.

Proof Of Last Weeks Winner

Tagging all previous people that entered the giveaway. If you wish not to be contacted again simply don't comment on this post as we pull a fresh list each time to avoid spamming.


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