Win This Chaos Gold Foil Card

I'm excited to see what's happening with Splinterlands over the next few months as not only prices start to pick up but a lot of action has been happening and hopefully land in Q3 or sooner!

Tips in comments(🍕 PIZZA , 🍺 BEER, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV , 🍷 WINE, 😆 LOLZ, 👫 ENGAGE, ❤️ ALIVE, etc.) and upvotes greatly help as well to be able to run bigger giveaways in the future.

What's Up For Grabs?

This card is out of stock now and the price is increasing on it. Also this is the last set of reward cards. Moving forward reward cards are going to be soul bound to the account!

Proof of Last Weeks Winner

Tagging all previous entries for this giveaway good luck!

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