The missing Ranked Rewards Season 4 Report Card - earned legendary card & some minor gold card

Since I began my Splinterlands journey, I blogged every season report. Unfortunately, I missed Ranked Rewards Season 4 report and was planning to write it at a suitable time. Here is Report Card 4:

Though it has been a month since season#4 has ended, it's never too late to share your season report with the community. Again, I have earned a legendary card as Venator Kinjo. It has been my ninth season since I delved into Splinterlands. Though my initial goal was to be a passive investor of DEC/SPS since I thought it was undervalued due to the economic activities and intricacies behind the DEC/SPS creation are quite spectacular. The human effort put to create a new DEC/SPS looks undervalued to me as it earns about less than one cent even at GOLD or DIAMOND level.


Interestingly, It has been quite a few seasons in the brawls guild (i.e. Immortal Gods III). Not to mention, I am enjoying the new camaraderie of the guild system. I have finished in Diamond league for both modern and wild league. My performance is just OK and I missed my goal to break 3400 points and finished around 3100 in the modern league. I can't report the number of games and win/loss ratio for this season, but I believe that I did not break any of my personal records on that season.

Rewards Report:
I have earned one legendary, one epic, five rare, 14 common, and one common gold foil monster card. I have also earned around 3.54K DEC and 979 Merits and 70 legendary potions. Reward-wise, it is an OK season, since everything settles on average and I have just earned a legendary gold foil last season.

Final thoughts:
Staked SPS rewards are here and they are juicier and also looking forward to ranked season#6. In the meantime, the claim option for DEC/SPS reward liquidity pool is made available. I have earned 1550 SPS and 21K DEC as a reward for last month's LP reward. However, it is a dwarf compared to SPS airdrop: 80 vs 380 SPS daily. Nevertheless, at 52% APR, SPS/DEC is not a
bad investment unless SPS's value falls further.

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