Splinterlands Season 77- mid season report: 22 diamond EOS loots earned in 7 days along with 37 gold FP loots

I am one of the latecomers to the splinterlands party since joining HIVE ecosystem 5 years ago. Though it is only the 6th season, I am enjoying both playing, researching, and investing.

We are here in midst of the 77th season and the 3rd season with the new reward system. I have already earned 22 EOS diamond loots versus last season's 51 Gold loots. The earning phase is a little bit slower than the last season since I am in the Diamond League. However, I am earning more GOLD FP chests these days due to more effort or luck since I was bestowed dragon elements for multiple days and it is my favorite element along with the water element.

Luckily, I have earned a Chaos pack as one of my daily FP chests.

Moreover, I was able to buy a gladius pack by playing only two seasons in my new guild. And, the third season going better as well, since I have won 5 out of 7 brawls and am happy to use one of the gladius pack cards (i.e. witch of warwick).

It is so far so good. Interestingly, My win rate is 1.22 compared to last season's 1.15. The reason is of course I got more opportunities to play with my strength- the dragon element and I have upgraded some of my favorite monsters.

I have already played 453 games this season versus 923 last season. There are still 5 days left, let us see if I can cross the last season's game numbers.

Although I have invested heavily in the water elements I am planning to upgrade other elements. My next goal is to upgrade the earth summoner from level 2 to 4 and the fire summoner from level 2 to 4.

For now, I am renting some 6th-level rare or 5th-level epic monster to play comfortably in the diamond league. In the meantime, I am upgrading a few monsters every other day and buying 1-2 chaos packs weekly to increase my card power. Also, EOS loots, FP loots, and merits from guild's brawl are helping to boost my card power. Luckily, I already have earned 3 chaos packs as loots.

Finally, learning new techniques and strategies in battle does not hurt much during this awesome Splinterlands journey!

Thanks for reading,

Futurist and Investor (HIVE ecosystem)

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