Splinterlands Season 76- mid season report: 28 EOS loots earned in 7 days along with dozen of FP loots

Although I am late to the splinterlands party and here in only for the 5th season, I am already largely invested in the system through hefty DEC HODLing and growing card power.

We are here in midst of the 76th season and the 2nd season with the new reward system. I have already earned 28 EOS loots versus last season's 44 loots. The earning phase is a little bit better than the last season. The reason behind this is that I was lucky to play three days in a row with the water element as my focus play. I have also earned more than a dozen focus loots but unfortunately, the system does not show the number of focus loots earned.


It is so far so good. My win rate is 1.26 compared to last season's 1.16. The reason is of course I got more opportunities to play with my strength- the water element. I have also rented around 25K CP to advance to GOLD league which was my goal for the last few seasons.


I have already played 419 games in this season versus 796 last season. There are still 8 days left, let us see if I can cross the last season's game numbers.


Although I have invested heavily in the water elements I am planning to upgrade other summoners. My next goal is to upgrade the death summoner from level 3 to 4 and the dragon summoner from level 2 to 4. Though I have a plan to upgrade them to level 4 and the water element to level 6, I have paused for the severe decline of DEC's price.

I am waiting patiently to see some appreciation for DEC's value once the bear market ends. As said earlier, the economic activity behind the DEC creation is quite amazing since the human effort put to mint new DEC looks quite undervalued. It earns merely about 1-2 cents even at GOLD level for 5 minutes of intensive playing. Moreover, DEC at its peak was around 1.5 cents. DEC is down almost 20 times. My long-term plan is to invest 1M DEC to card power when DEC recovers to 7X or 0.5c, finger crossed.

In the meantime, I am upgrading 1-2 monsters and buying 1-2 chaos packs weekly to get up the ladder. Also, EOS loots and FP loots are helping to boost my card power. In the meantime, learning new techniques and strategies in battle does not hurt much.

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Futurist and Investor (HIVE ecosystem)

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