Splinterlands Week 01 Daily Missions Report- 04-10/01/2021

This year 2021 started pretty well , I decided to invest further beyond the starter pack as despite I had an account for months but only picked up this game seriously on December last year and as we all know there is a limit of what you can achieve having only the starter deck and the game despite being fun starts to be boring as the growth pace is very slow. The beginning was as for all, difficult to complete the daily quest unless in the Bronze III where frequently you end up against players that start a battle and never choose cards from the deck so you wait for the timeout or simply are lucky and win the battle.

The rewards at that stage were one potion or some Dark Crystals and if you were very lucky you landed a card. So growing your deck would be quite challenging and at a very slow pace thus an investment becomes mandatory especially if you like the game and plan on continuing plus it makes the game economy running if you purchase using DEC or by purchasing with PayPal and supporting further development.

I’m a bit late with this report but last week was crazy and so was my weekend, I planned to start posting my weekly reports in hope of receiving some good quality comments with tips from veteran player’s that will allow me to further improve in this game and perhaps overcome the endless lost battle streak that I ended up in since hitting Silver III that is my limit for League Tier. At the moment I am still experimenting combination of monsters and still have to find which set I can call my favourite.

This report is from Monday 4th till Sunday 10th December and will sum up the Daily Challenges rewards. At the moment I am still juggling between some other games here on Hive as well as some WAX blockchain thus I have time to do only the basic challenges required to complete the daily 5 wins that usually take 1 to 2 hours on bad days , but enough of that and lets go to the daily rewards directly.

Monday 4th started quite slow and the daily quest reward was the following:
2 Legendary Potions
1 Alchemy Potion
93 Dark Energy Crystals


Tuesday 5th was a slight improvement and the daily quest rewards started showing their potential:
1 Legendary Potion
1 card (Phantasm)
1 Untamed Booster Pack
248 Dark Energy Crystals


Wednesday 6th yet again was a slight step up with the rewards:
1 Legendary Potion
2 Alchemy Potions
1 card (Ant Miners) and 1 Rare (Fineas Rage)
6 Dark Energy Crystals


Thursday 7th was somewhat similar to previous day:
2 Legendary Potions
1 Alchemy Potion
2 cards (Warrior of Peace) and (Sand Worm)
11 Dark Energy Crystals


Friday 8th was first time I got the daily mission with Silver III so 1 more item:
2 Legendary Potions
1 card (Nectar Queen) and 1 Rare (Kelp Initiate)
373 Dark Energy Crystals


Saturday 9th was a lucky day as the rewards proceeded in shifting and more cards popped out:
1 Legendary Potion
2 cards (Barking Spider and Gelatinous Cube) and 2 Rare (Fineas Rage and Captains Ghost)
19 Dark Energy Crystals


Sunday 10th was a bit of a step-back but I still like the outcome:
2 Alchemy Potions
2 cards (Wave Runner and Gelatinous Cube) and 1 Rare (Gloridax Soldier)
62 Dark Energy Crystals


To sum it all up the daily quest rewards are worth investing around 2 hours a day as not only you get some cards to either upgrade the ones you own or to further increase the variety of your deck with new ones you also get some currency and potions in case you want to pop open some Booster Packs increasing your chances for some interesting cards.

This week I gained a total of :
812 Dark Energy Crystals
9 Legendary Potions
6 Alchemy Potions
12 cards of which 8 Regular and 5 Rare
1 Untamed Booster Pack

You can view my deck on https://peakmonsters.com/@cryptixmlonwax/collection , it is still quite basic but I’m working on improvements.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you will visit next week for another update.

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