Good NFT News everyone, Splintershards (SPS) overview

I'm sure this has been covered several times already, However I'm giving out a Gold splinterlands card with todays airdrop to one lucky reader. Ill also go over why the Binance smart contract integration is such a big deal, & look at some other notable blockchain games that have integrated with Binance in a similar fashion.

What to expect

Binance integration when ever I encounter it in relation to games or NFTs is a major boost in both the collection value and Its popularity. The last blockchain game I'm involved in of note was alien worlds this caused the TLM price their crypto to shoot through the roof, their NFTs also shot up in value.

However the Splinterlands Binance integration is a much larger project even bringing a new crypto into the mix. Given the way their airdrop is set up for part of the SPS distribution its likely that the DEC price as well as the Splinterlands NFT price will shoot up in value.
It has already beginning to happen and the project has not started yet for more detailed info on the airdrop click the following link.

Oracles Bridging Hive and Binance

According to the splintershards white paper
"The Splintershards token will be set up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO via a series of smart contracts which will be published on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform."

In the white paper they go on to say this about ETH

"The Ethereum blockchain was the first choice for the governance token contracts; however, the gas fees required to publish transactions to the Ethereum blockchain have become prohibitively expensive and would greatly limit what can be done with the governance token contracts and the number of people able to participate.
As a result, the Binance Smart Chain was chosen due to many factors including its current popularity, low transaction fees, fast transaction confirmation times, and the ability to easily port smart contracts between BSC and Ethereum which will allow the Splintershards contracts to be migrated to Ethereum in the future when/if it makes sense to do so."

Sometimes its best to have the companies words directly so that you the reader better understand their intent.

"Once the smart contracts have been developed and released, users will be able to stake their SPS tokens in the smart contract at which point they can be used for governance voting in the DAO. The Splintershards token will be 100% controlled and governed by the community of token holders, and all aspects of how the token and associated smart contracts function will be able to be changed through a vote of staked SPS holders.
All interactions between the Splinterlands game (which runs on the Hive blockchain) and the SPS tokens (which will run on the BSC blockchain) will be handled via an oracle system."
Kind of cool the oracle system acting as a bridge, this will have major implications to resale and asset value once online. I really didn1t want to mess up the bridge information so most of this section was copied directly because its so important I did not wish to misinform anyone.

Personal note

I actually sell NFTs second hand, I have sold over $1,000 USD in Splinterlands assets in a little under 5 months. So yes a lot of my focus is on this aspect of the Splinterlands collection. However I'm a fan I play the game daily & I even got some really rare cards in my collection
Yodin Zaku is currently on sale, even the cards worth 100s of dollars can and do sell. That is something that not every NFT collection can claim, I as a secondary vendor can honestly say that yes they sell, it may take a while but this collections popularity only increases from what I have observed.

Other notable changes

They have removed the mystery potion (quite mysteriously) in all seriousness the potion system is fantastic & I will miss the mystery potion. they have also discontinued the referral rewards but its not that much of a loss in all honesty.

Pack on Packs on Packs

For a while now I have been in the NFT resale market, over the last few months the rate at which splinterlands pack airdrops occur has increased in frequency. Now almost selling 100,000 packs a month something like an average of 45 days for the last 3 airdrops.

For those unaware buying either untamed packs or Azmare dice from the Splinterlands in Game store has a chance of receiving a Splinterlands card in each airdrop which occurs for every 100,000 packs sold.

This frequency is likely to increase from what I have observed, Given the Airdrop point distribution in relation to the packs being the easiest to obtain for the lowest price point.

Meaning that we may be seeing new packs sooner rather then later (however they have not announced this its just a observation based on the number of packs remaining for sale).

Not only are more packs going to be sold quicker but inevitably the packs will be worth keeping in a Hodl at least until the SPS airdrop stops. This will likely affect the resale market over time making sure the packs prices dont wildly fluctuate, or worse devalue.

For those that play for daily rewards

They still allow for the Quest potion in Splinterlands
For the cost of 750 DEC up the amount of chests received daily to 5 or more depending upon rank. Cant recommend this enough in fact all the potions are worth using in my opinion.
It takes 5 of these for each pack opening to get the full effect cost 40 DEC a piece or 200 DEC for 5. This potion shown above makes getting a legendary card slightly more likely when opening packs. I owe getting all my best cards to the potions all of them are worth every penny.

Sorry for the break

I try to post as often as possible but I had been very busy lately and that's why this took so long to post its been almost a week straight of non stop work. I had a half a day to post finally & decided that Splinterlands had enough changed to do a brief write up for those that want to know the whole story try this post.

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings. This airdrop includes a gold Splinterlands card for the lucky reader that claims it.

once claimed please let other readers know in the comments it helps

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