Greetings everyone ! Here we today with another blog of splinterlands (Weekly challenge). If you also want to participate in the challenge then click here and follow the rules/guidelines given as per the @splinterlands community.

Firstly I will tell you about the ruleset EQUALIZER. In this ruleset all the monster will have the equal ability to the highest health of the monster which you have choose in you battle. Even the monster have 1 health than it will be equal to the highest. So this is the advantage of the Equalizer ruleset.

Now I will tell about my monster/deck which I have choose to play and won this battle. The game was tough ,thrilled and have lot of suspense.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

Magic Reflect
Position 1
Mycelic Morphoid
No Ability
Position 2
Ujurak Mystic
Position 3
Lord Thanalor
Position 4
Regal Peryton
Position 5
Goblin Psychic
Heal Tank

So these was all the monster which I have choose to play the game and won it after facing some struggle. And I have choose all this monster within 32 manacost. So it was a tough decision for me to choose the monster in limited mana.

Now I will tell something about the battle. How was the battle fought in all the round. So let's move ahead.


As the round starts all the summoner gave the power to their monster. And as you can see all the monster have equal health to the highest one. And as the round starts all the monster start attacking on each other. But in this round no monster was eliminate. They just attacking on each other and this round includes around about 14 attacks. So here the Round 1 ends. Let's go to another round.


As the round starts the opponent first position card was weak so all my monster attack once on him and he was eliminate from the game. When the opponent's another monster came on the first position as he attack he hit my Mycelic Morphoid very hardly and he was also eliminate. So eventually we both lose one monster. And the game is in between we cannot judge the game who will win or lose. Before the round ends both the heal tank monster gave some health to the first position card. And here the round ends. Let's go to another round.


Now the opponent first position card was very weak and as my monster attacks on him his health was very low but the opponent heal tank gave him power but still my monster attack on the opponent and make him more weak. And in this round no monster was eliminate only health was decreased, So this round was of 6 attacks. And here the round 3 ends.


The first position was more weak now he was only about 2 attacks from my monster to eliminate and my monster did that. Now his heal tank came on the first position but the dis-advantage is that he can't attack on my monster but anyhow my monster attack on him and he was healing him self. But no monster was eliminate in this round. So let's move forward to next round which is the most interesting round.


In this round the opponent heal tank was also eliminate from the game, because he can't attack on my monster. And as he was eliminate than another the last opponent monster came on first position and he did attack on my monster to and he was hit back. But only one monster was eliminate in this round. The round was very small. Let's move ahead to another round.


Now the last monster was having 6 health and the regal peryton attack on him by 2 magic health and he now he was having only 4 health and my new monster attack on him by 4 magic attack and he was eliminate from the game. And here I won the battle with Equalizer ruleset.

If you want to see full battle, here I am sharing the link you can see the battle & strategy.

We can learn from this game that he has choose the wrong summoner because the summoner is not to strong he was just giving +1 health and not more than that. If you notice that my summoner was giving the attacking power to monster and I was already having a heal tank then why should I choose another type of summoner. And one more thing I learn from this game that we should never put the heal tank in any other position rather than last. If you see in the game that heal tank can't attack but the last position monster can. If he put that monster on position of heal tank. Than he can have more advantage, and also can increase the rate of winning such a game. So this was the conclusion of the game. I hope it helped you to learn and experience something.


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