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Welcome to my Splinterlands blog, In this blog I will share my daily focus reward claim, my activity, and the stats of my splinterlands game.

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My Daily Focus Reward Claim

Today I claimed 8 chests in daily focus reward. My performance is much better in this season like always. Splinterlands is my most favorite blockchain games. Hence, I enjoy playing this game. I am trying to progress faster. Now, I am trying to increase my assets including cards and SPS tokens.

My current rating is 1894 and I am at Silver I league. My reward boost is 10.33x which is much good. I am at 37 season chest and 9 days are left for the season end, so I have lot of time to improve my performance. Here, I am going to claim my daily focus reward.

Details of my Daily Focus reward claim
2x Fungus Flinger
1x Thane Newsong
3x Ferox Defender
1x Pembrook Nymph
SPS Tokens: 0.650

I am happy that I got one epic cards and that is Thane Newsong. I got some common and one rare card. Also, got 0.650 SPS tokens. The reward is pretty good and as I got epic card, so I was very excited.

SPS Staking

Whenever I get chance, I like to increase my SPS stake. Likewise, today I got chance to purchase SPS tokens at relatively cheaper price and bought 300 SPS tokens from Hive-Engine market. Then I transferred SPS tokens to my game wallet to stake it.

Now, I have total 7717 SPS tokens worth around 117.2 dollar. There is around 15% APR on SPS staking which is definitely going to be worthful for me in long term. Now SPS tokens has great use case, we need to stake SPS tokens to increase our Reward Boost. Its better to stake SPS tokens as much as possible.

GLX Staking

The GLX staking is also a great investment option like SPS staking. From the beginning of this year, I am trying to increase my GLX staking. The APR on GLX tokens is much better, so its great to stake GLX tokens as much as possible. Today I took advantage of price drop and purchased 1200 GLX tokens at cheaper price.

Now I have total of 17482 GLX tokens worth around 59.79 dollar. There is 63% APR on GLX staking and only 50 days remaining for that much staking reward. So, I am trying to get benefit of this APR as much as possible and will increase my stake further as well.

My Splinterlands Stats

I have 24 epic and 6 legendary cards. Also, I have 28 gold cards. My splinterlands assets worth is around 81.46 dollar.

Thank you... Have a great day!

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