Hello friends, This is my entry for the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. If you want to participate in this challenge.

šŸ‘‰ Here's the link: @splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-diemonshark

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Rules for battle:

Rule: Standard
Mana cap: 22
Splinters: All

My Lineup for battle:

1. Summoner (Water)

Kelya Frendul is a rare water summoner that costs 4 mana. It gives one extra armor and speed to our friendly monster. I chose this summoner because of its extra speed and armor which helps to increase the defense of my battle lineup. This summoner is most commonly used in water splinter and gives very good start bonus.

2. First Monster

Diemonshark is a rare water monster. I haven't used this monster mostly in my battle lineup before. But now I understand how strong this monster is. This monster cost 8 mana and has very good stats such as 2 melee attacks, 6 armor šŸ›”ļø, 7 health šŸ’–, and 4 speed. I must say, this one is the most dangerous ā˜ ļø monster for opponents. Also, Its trample ability gives us an extra advantage in the battle. I chose this monster in the first position for good defense and attack.

3. Second Monster

Magi of Chaos is an epic neutral monster. This one is my favorite monster and I use this monster very often in my battle lineup. When I was in need of a magic monster this one is on my highest priority. It gives 2 magic attacks in just 6 mana which is too good. It has good health, so I put this monster in the second position.

4. Third Monster

Ice Pixie is a rare water monster. It costs only 2 mana. Hence it's very easy to use this monster in our battle lineup when total mana is low. I chose this monster in the third position. This monster is best for its flying ability as well as magic attack in just 2 mana.

5. Fourth Monster

Igor Darkspear is an epic water monster. My reason to chose this monster is its low mana and good health. I have good health, So I chose this monster in the last position of my battle lineup. This ranged monster is too good if you need some extra attack for a longer time. šŸ˜‰

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy is to choose the Diemonshark monster in the first position of my battle lineup, because of its great attack and defense. As I know that I have good attack and defense in the first position, so I decided to choose more magic or ranged monsters. According to my plan, I prepared my team and my strategy worked very well. Next time I would like to try healing monsters in my battle lineup with water splinter.

My battle rounds

Watch my battle replay here: Battle link

In the first round, My monster's armor and speed are increased by one, and the opponent's monster's health is increased by one because of respective summoners. Also, opponents used some monsters which gives his monster some extra stats buffs. The opponent's monster did quite good damage to my monster at the same time my monster's challenge is to kill the opponent's first stronger monster. Let's see what happens.

In the second round, My monsters did a great amount of damage to the opponent's first monster and successfully destroyed its armor. Now I am very close to killing the opponent's first monster. But the opponent's monster killed my second last monster. šŸ˜„ This battle seems quite interesting.

In the third round, My monsters successfully killed the opponent's first monster. My first and second monsters really dominated opponents' monsters very well. Especially the Diemonshark monster did a great job and is still alive. Let's see what will happen next. Too much excitement. šŸ¤Ŗ

In the fourth round, We can easily see that opponent's monster failed very badly and couldn't kill my monsters. haha. šŸ˜œ Still my monsters are in full attack mode and killing opponents' monster one by one.

Still, the opponent's monster couldn't kill my monster in the fifth round. šŸ˜…

My victory seems certain. Now, it's time to finish the battle.

Finally, I won the battle. āœŒļø

Do you like the DIEMONSHARK? Why or why not?

My answer may be different from before. But after using this monster in the battle lineup. I would say, Yes. I liked this Diemonshark monster very much. It has good attack and defense. Also, he has a trample ability which makes him stronger.

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