Hello friends, This is my entry for the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. If you want to participate in this challenge.

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Gem Meteor is the theme for this week's splinterlands battle challenge. To be honest I didn't have any idea about this monster and I haven't used it before. Haha, so this week I am going to try it for the very first time and I am very excited to share my battle with you friends. This monster seems dangerous in the Image. Is this monster really dangerous? Let's find out. Stay with me until the end of this blog.



Rules for battle:

Rule: Explosive Weaponry (All monsters have the blast ability.)
Mana cap: 30
Splinters: Life, Water, Earth, Dragon

My Lineup for battle:

1. Summoner (Dragon)

Delwyn Draonscale is a common dragon summoner. Delwin Dragonscale is not one of the best summoners, but it's quite a good summoner if you have many magic monsters in your battle lineup. It will give one extra magic attack to our friendly magic monsters. I don't have a dragon magic monster and I haven't taken on rent. So this time, I am going to try a little different way than usual. My plan is to use this summoner with water magic monsters. Let's see how it works.

2. First Monster

Baakjira is a legendary water monster. I have to use a monster with very good health in the first position because of the battle rule explosive weaponry. This monster is one of my favorite monsters as it costs only 6 mana and gives 11 health šŸ’– which is unmatchable. In addition to that its void ability gives an extra advantage in battle. Because of its void ability, it will take less damage from the magic monsters' attack.

3. Second Monster

Kelp Initiate is a rare water monster. Again, As the battle rule is explosive weaponry, so all monsters from both sides will get blast ability. Hence, I want to use monster with good health in the second position too. So I choose this one and it costs only 2 mana. So it will perfectly fit in our battle lineup. It gives 5 health which is too good if we see its mana. By this, I made my front defense much stronger in my battle lineup to tackle blast ability. Now, I have to choose some good monsters for a stronger attack.

4. Third Monster

Captain's Ghost is a rare water monster. This monster costs 7 mana, but it has very good stats such as 2 magic attacks, and 7 health. Also, it has an affliction ability. In my opinion, this is one of the best magic monsters in water splinter. Only the magic monster could save me in battle, hence I need to choose some more magic monsters.

5. Fourth Monster

Dwarven Wizard is an epic neutral monster. It costs 3 mana, Its snipe ability is best and really helpful in battle. Also, it has one magic and 3 health which is not bad. Its snipe ability helps it to the first attack ranged or magic monsters. So, this is a good choice for me. If you have a good neutral monster, then It will become a little easier to win the battle. As you can use them in any splinter. šŸ¤Ŗ

5. Fifth Monster

Ice Pixie is a rare magic monster. This is the best magic monster in just 2 mana.šŸ˜‰ Also, this monster has the flying ability. This monster has good speed. So it will be a good monster for attacking the enemy. This is how I managed to save mana for my last monster which is Gem Meteor.

5. Sixth Monster

Gem Meteor is an epic neutral monster. It costs 5 mana. This monster has good health šŸ’– and speed šŸƒ but has only 1 ranged attack šŸ¹. Its scattershot ability will make him attack random enemy monsters, which I think is good to give a great amount of damage to an enemy monster that is in a safe position. However, This monster is not good in low-mana battles as it costs a little higher.

My battle rounds

Watch my battle replay here: Battle link

As you can see, the opponents chose a life splinter for the battle lineup and I used a dragon summoner with a water monster. Still, I haven't used a single dragon monster šŸ‰. Delwin Dragonscale summoner will give one extra magic attack to my friendly monsters. Hence tried to choose as much magic as I can put in my battle lineup. The opponent's monster gave one extra ranged attack to his friendly monster, but my opponents have only one ranged attack monster. šŸ˜œ At a first glance my battle lineup seems stronger. Let's see what happens.

In the first round, my monsters did a great amount of damage to opponents' monsters and successfully killed a few monsters. My first two monsters are undefeatable. Haha. šŸ¤£ The main thing is, they don't have a single attack. Their job is to defend against the enemy attack and they are doing their job very effortlessly.

In the second round, the Opponents monster also did great damage to my friendly monster. My monster also successfully killed a few monsters easily.

In the third round, My monster again killed the opponent's remaining monster.

Finally, I won the battle. āœŒļø

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy was to use as many magic monsters as possible because the battle rule was 'explosive weaponry'. So, I used Delwyn Dragonscale summoner (dragon summoner) which gave one extra magic attack to my friendly monsters which helped me a lot in this battle. Next time I would like to use an earth magic monster with the same strategy.

Do you like GEM METEOR? Why or why not?

Not actually. Because I am not good with ranged attack monsters. Also, it was difficult for me to choose this monster in my battle lineup, especially in low-mana battles. But still, it's a neutral monster, so it could be a good ranged monster with an earth splinter.

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