Hello friends, This is my entry for Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. If you want to participate in this challenge.

šŸ‘‰ Here's the link: @splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-xenith-archer



Rules for battle:

Rule: Standard
Mana cap: 19
Splinters: All

My Lineup for battle:

1. Summoner (Dragon)

Byzantine Kitty is a legendary dragon summoner. This summoner cost 7 mana and gives 2 extra speed to all friendly monsters and a true strike šŸŽÆ ability to all friendly monsters at the start of battle which makes our battle lineup stronger. In addition to that, this summoner heals šŸ’– the monster in the first position of the battle lineup.

2. First Monster

Djinn Chwala is an epic dragon monster. This monster cost 8 mana and it's a melee attack monster with good health and armor šŸ’–+ šŸ›”ļø. Thorns' ability of this monster makes it more dangerous as it attacks back šŸ¤ŗ to the attacker when it is hit by a melee attack.

3. Second Monster

Xenith Archer is a rare neutral monster. This monster cost only 2 mana. It's a ranged attack šŸŽÆ monster. Good to choose this monster in the middle of your battle lineup.

4. Third Monster

Kelp Initiate is a rare water monster. This one is my favorite monster as it costs only 2 mana and gives 5 health šŸ’ which is too good. We can easily use this monster in our battle lineup. It gives extra defense to our battle lineup. I used this monster at the last position in my battle lineup to save my friendly monsters from a sneak attack by an attacker.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy was to use XENITH ARCHER in the middle of the battle lineup. XENITH ARCHER is a neutral monster, hence you can easily use it with any splinter. My focus is to target the first enemy monster hence my I make sure that my defense and attack will be stronger. So I used Djin Chwala in the first position of my battle lineup. My strategy worked really. Next time I may use XENITH ARCHER with a water splinter.

My battle rounds

Watch my battle replay here: Battle link

From the start of the battle it seems, this battle is going to be very interesting. Let's see... In the first round of battle, Monster got some extra benefits according to the respective summoner and battle lineup. Later opponent's monster did some damage.

In the second round, My second monster and opponent's first monster died. Here I was unlucky that my XENITH ARCHER monster died very soon as opponents used Celestial Harpy monster with opportunity ability. This one targeted my XENITH ARCHER and killed it soon.

In the third round, My last monster got some damage. My Djin Chwala monster did a great role in defeating monsters one by one.

In the fourth round, My single monster remained. But I am happy that my opponent didn't use many ranged monsters. Later my single monster dominated the opponent's monster.

I just need to kill some smaller monsters to win the battle. Let's see what happens.

Thorn ability of my monster Djin Chwala helped a lot to give damage to the sneaky monster and the monster with opportunity ability. Now my victory seems certain. I am way closer to winning this battle.

Finally, I won the battle. āœŒļø

Do you like the XENITH ARCHER? Why or why not?

Yes, I like XENITH ARCHER as it's a neutral monster and the most important thing is it costs only 2 mana. So it's the best option as a ranged attack monster in our battle lineup. We can easily use this monster in our battle lineup without worrying about mana cap.


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