BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! RULESET: Odd Ones Out

My splinterlands battle post for the Battle Mage Secret Weekly Challenge.

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Odd Ones Out is the ruleset for this week's Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge. With this ruleset only monsters with odd mana could be used in the battle. Odd Ones Out is the ruleset where we may not use your favorite cards if they are of even mana. Thank god, this ruleset doesn't affect to summoners otherwise it would be very difficult to win the battle. I know this ruleset well and I can make good strategy with this ruleset. Its not that hard to win battle with this ruleset. You just need some stronger monster with odd mana.

Battle Challenge Rulset

Odd Ones Out

Ruleset: Explosive Weaponary, Odd Ones Out

  • Explosive Weaponary: All monsters will get blast ability at the start of the battle.
  • Odd Ones Out: We can use only monsters with odd mana. Summoners are not affected by this ruleset.

Mana cap: 25
Splinters: Life, Water

My Strategy For The Battle

My strategy is to use monsters with Reflection Shield ability. Hence, I decided to go with water splinter as I have Tide Bitter water monster with Reflection Shield ability. This monster will definitely help me against monsters with blast ability. Also, I will stronger magic monsters to secure my win. Let's see how my strategy goes. The total mana is only 25 for the battle, hence I have to choose all monsters carefully.


Alric Stormbringer (Water Summoner)
I choose Alric Stormbringer summoner as I thought this one is good with magic monsters. When I dont use many magic monsters, then I goes with Kelya Frendul summoner. Alric Stormbringer summoner will give one extra magic attack to our magic monsters. Here, Iused level 4 Alric Stormbringer monsters (gold card).

1. Nerissa Tridawn (Level 3 gold card)
Generally I like to use monsters with higher health in first position to provide good defense to my battle lineup. So, Here I used Nerissa Tridawn monsters in the first position of my battle lineup. Mostly I uses 8 mana monsters for the first positon, but in this battle I cant because of 'Odd Ones Out' ruleset. Nerrissa Tridawn is an epic water monster with great stats such as 3 magic attack, 3 speed and 10 health. Nerrissa Tridawn is one of my favorite magic monster and its really helpful in the battle.

2. Tide Biter (Level 3 card)
Tide Biter is most important for this battle for me, because of its Reflection shield and Reach ability. I used this monster in the second position and it costs only 3 mana. Its has pretty good stats in just 3 mana. This monster will help me against blast ability of enemy monsters.

3. Magi Sphinx (Level 3 gold card)
Now, I need monsters with stronger attack. So, Magic Sphinx is the better option and it costs only 5 mana and has 3 magic attack. However its health is little lower, but still its all fine. The speed of this monster is 3 which is not too high or low, its actually good speed.

4. Venari Wavsmith (Level 4 gold card)
I chose this monster in the last position as I have only 5 mana left and this monster is best choice in 5 mana, as it will give two extra armor to my monsters as well. Venari Wavesmith costs 5 mana, It has 2 magic attack, 3 speed and 4 health. So, this one is quite good monster with stronger attack.

Watch my battle replay here: Battle link

Here, Opponent used General Sloan summoner. It seems that he has the plan to use stronger ranged attack monster. Oppoenents last monster has pretty strong attack. My opponents first monster is of 1 mana and second monsters is of 3 mana, both ar melee monsters. Opponents third monstesr is quite good magic monster. Still my battle lineup seems much stronger than my opponents battle lineup.

In the first round, opponent's monster got one extra ranged attack and my monsters got one extra magic attack because of respective summoners. All monsters in this battle got blast ability because of Explosive Weaponary ruleset. Opponent's last monster did first attack on my first monster and the armor of that monster is destroyed. Later my first monster killed oppoenent's first monster and did some damage to next monster as well because of blast ability. Then my third monster killed opponent's next monster. My first monster got some damage and then my last monster killed opponents next monster as well.

In the second round, opponent's has only two monster left alive while my monsters are still alive. My first monster killed opponent's next monster and now only one enemy monster is left alive. Here, my victory seems certain.

At the end of second round, my Venari Wavesmith monster killed opponents last monster. So, I won the battle easily. ✌️


I used Tide Biter monster with Reflection Shield ability to counter monsters with blast ability which helped me a lot in this battle. I took advantage of Alric Stormbringer summoner and used most of magic attacks in my battle lineup that leads me towards win. My battle lineup was much stronger because of my strategy and finally I won the battle.

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