BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! RULESET: Lost Legendaries

My splinterlands battle post for the Battle Mage Secret Weekly Challenge.

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Lost Legendaries (Rise of the Commons) is the ruleset for this week's Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge. With the 'Rise of the Commons' ruleset, we cannot use Legendary monsters. Instead, we may use Legendary summoners. This ruleset is very difficult and challenging because we can't use our best monsters, as most powerful monsters are legendary. I am very much used to this ruleset, but it still goes difficult for me to win with this ruleset.

Battle Challenge Rulset

Little League

Ruleset: Up Close & Personal, Lost Legendaries (Rise of the Commons)

  • Up Close & Personal: Only melee attack monsters can be used in the battles.
  • Lost Legendaries: We can use only common or rare monsters in the battle.

Mana cap: 24
Splinters: Fire, Water, Life, Death

My Strategy For The Battle

The battle ruleset was 'Up Close & Personal' and 'Lost Legendaries', so I can use only melee monsters and cannot use legendary or epic monsters. So my strategy is to use the Kelya Frendul summoner that will give one extra speed and armor to my friendly monsters. So my melee monsters will get one extra speed and armor which will definitely give me some advantage in the battle. Also, I will try to use strong melee monsters to make my victory closer.


Kelya Frendul (Summoner)
I intentionally used Kelya Frendul summoner, as I can use only melee monsters. So I thought that this summoner will be most effective with my melee attack monsters. This summoner will give one extra speed and armor to my friendly monsters. Here I used the level 4 Kelya Frendul summoner (gold card).

1. Serpent of ELD
Serpent of ELD is one of my favorite melee attack monsters in water splinter. I choose this monster in the first position because of its high speed and good health. Along with that, it has Dodge ability which will help in evading melee attacks of opponent's monsters. Hence, I think this is the best monster for good defense in the first position. It has 3 melee attacks, 4 speed, 5 health, and 2 armor.

2. Pelacor Bandit
Pelacor Bandit is a common water monster. In this battle, I used a level 4 Pelacor Bandit monster (gold card). I chose this monster in the second position because it has good speed and flying ability. Also, it has a sneak ability so that it can attack enemy monsters from the back side.

3. Deeplurker
Deeplurker is one of the best melee attack monsters in water splinter. I chose this monster in the third position as I don't want that this monster dies soon because it has a stronger attack and I want it to stay alive for a longer time in the battle. The main thing is that it has Opportunity ability which will help a lot in the battle. Because of opportunity ability this monster will attack the enemy monster with the lowest health. Deeplurker has 3 melee attacks, 3 speeds, and 7 health. So, overall this monster has a much stronger attack.

4. Spineback Turtle
Spineback Turtle is a common water monster. Here I used a level 5 gold card. I chose this monster at the end of my battle lineup because of its Thorns ability if enemy monsters with sneak ability try to attack on the back side of my battle lineup then this monster will give them damage because of Thorns ability. Also, this monster has good health and armor, so it will give some defense to my battle lineup from the backside.

Watch my battle replay here: Battle link

My opponent's battle lineup is not that bad. He chose some good melee attack monsters and his plan is to attack the front side of my battle lineup. Also, opponents don't have any monsters with sneak or opportunity abilities. So I think my battle lineup is stronger than the opponent's battle lineup.

In the first round, my monsters got one extra speed and armor because of my Kelya Frendul summoner. Similarly, the opponent's monster got one extra speed and armor because of their Kelya Frendul summoner. At the end of the first round, my monsters killed the opponent's last monster.

In the second round, the opponent's monster did some damage to my first monster. At the same time, my monster successfully broke the armor of the opponent's first and third monsters.

In the third round, my monsters easily killed the opponent's third monster. My Serpent of ELD monster helped me a lot in this round as it evaded the opponent's attacks because of its Dodge ability.

In the fourth round, my monsters killed the opponent's first monster and now my victory seems certain. Now the opponent has only one monster left alive while my four monsters are still alive.

In the fifth round, my monsters killed the opponent's last monster and I won the battle easily.


My strategy is to use Kelya Frendul Summoner with some good melee monsters. Also, my plan was to use monsters with sneak and opportunity ability helped me a lot in this battle. So, my strategy worked well in this battle and easily won the battle.

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