Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Dragon - Chillin with Delwyn


Its another week, and its another challenge. A good time to whip out Ol Delwyn, a cool summoner in my opinion. One that i bought a while back. Im thinking i would like to snag one more eventually to get to the next level, but im trying to be cheap for a while. Slaying debt is my main mission. Anyways, on to the challenge. I took a swing, and didnt take long to score a victory. Energy capture is low so i will take this win and chill for a short while. Soooo close to Diamond III, but chillin in Gold I for now.


Looks like a Delwyn vs. Alric kind of situation. Magic vs. Magic.

My team consists of:

  1. Void Dragon
  2. Creeping Ooze
  3. Enchanted Pixie
  4. Ice Pixie
  5. Pelacor Bandit
  6. Zyvax Vuul

Its an interesting lineup, cant say i use this combination often, could be the 1st time with this specific combo.

The flying modifier, and knock out battle modifiers are both active.

Heres the image of the lineup from the web app, i like the way it looks on web, but mobile version is easier for me mostly.


Quickly things get going and the opponents weak front line gets smashed while the void dragon does a good job of absorbing damage and dodging an attack.


Eventually comes down to his last guy, the Gargoya Devil and its a victory for Quack Lee.


Challenge accomplished, and this post shall be posted. Its been a wild week, with rebounding in markets since the nasty dip, but today seems to be sideways, slightly back down again with daddy Bitcoin hovering just above the 20k mark.


Im not ready for the rally yet. I want time to collect more, and accumulate on low prices. I want all summer, call me crazy.

🤪 😜 🤪

Next, i will post about dCrops as the season is about to come to an end.

A cheers to you all for keeping this place alive.


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