Happy Humpy, Season End, Crypto Dumpy. I am a Duck and I am Grumpy


A lovely day of markets trying to rebound while news makes its way around about the crypto crash. Alongside with general markets, nothing is too sacred. Nothing sacred....except for these season rewards of course, because i havent missed a season reward claim since i started playing. Hoping for a good one, to make it all worth it, fingers crossed, lets see what pops.





Quite the number of chests this round, and amidst the sea of pelacors, skulls, and blood makers, there really are a few gems here for me. A few good stashes of DEC, but the real winner may be the gold Merdhampir.


Cool as he may be, looks like being just a common card, the collection power of 125 is quite minimal. A welcome addition nonetheless.

Now im bumped back down to Silver for now. I have eaten way too much, and its time for me to sleep. After receiving the beating in markets my brain is done with this week already. Since i cannot control whats already happened, i have no choice but to go with the flow. Most write, that we felt it was always possible for the ol flush, just hard to settle with. Trying to see the bright side, which is low prices for us hodlers to capitilize on.


Heres a longer term view of how the SPY looks, and even though everything has taken a hit alongside, it is interesting that Splinterlands assets seem to be holding well against the onslaught. Not immune to the price action, but at least putting up a fight.

Which is what we must do, is to keep up the fight. Things have me feeling so so, and my feed has plenty for me to catch up on, so let me finish up here and move on. Ill plan on catching up on things, but hoping all the players out here had a solid season end.


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