Nothing can stop STAMPEDE Rampage feat Possibilus!

Hello dear Hive and Splinterlands community!

The more I play Possibilus the more fun it gets playing it! It's true it got some weaknesses but it's by no mean weak like claimed by many splinterlands players since its release! My only regret is not snagging a copy of Possibilus when it was at $10 range, enough ranting 😅 let's get through the battle in one of The Wise's favourite Ruleset!

About the battle:

This is a high mana battle 40 Mana between my Possibilus and enemy Thaddius, while it understandable because of the limited choices in Summoners (Only Water and Death available), well I'll pick Possibilus anyways even if it went with Kelya... (until after the battle I figured opponent would not pick Kelya)
I was so focused on the Stampede Ruleset that I nearly forgot about the 2nd one Reverse Speed, it was hilarious going for high speed monsters while I could've went for the Anti-magic Cow ... again opponent won't pick Kelya anyways 😂

My Dear Performers:

sThis Legendary Summoner is Bae is this kind of Ruleset! First the +2 Health h for additional tankiness and more survival, Trample t won't be limited to a Single additional attack! Reach will allow to put a heavy damage Monster on the 2nd Position
tTaunt ttand by putting it on the 1st position, will redirected all hits to Kraken: a 16 health and 3 Armor Tank while still doing 4 melee damage per turn. Truly living up to its reputation as a Legendary Card.
gThe biggest inconvenience to Melee + Trample attacks is Armor, Thanks to Reach, I can bring Goblin with the Pierce p ability will cut through Armor like butter on the way to the target's health. Will Goblin Attacks rampage through all those weak willed monsters that even the Armor can't hold the massive 4 Melee Damage per turn m
dAnother Fearsome Monster in this Ruleset! Opportunity already synergizes extremely well with Trample as the weakest enemies will most likely get one-shot! Could this result into Backline Massacre Snowball effect !?
dAs if All that Melee Damage wasn't enough, we added Inspire ifor even more damage! Despite not being in position to attack; We got The Kraken and Goblin Meck with 5 Melee Damage and DeepLurker with 4 Melee Damage! Who cares about a 2 melee damage who can't deal damage!

Enemy Team: Rest in Peace

Elven DefenderCursed WindekuShadow SnitchSilent ShaViDhampir StalkerMantoid

It seems the enemy team didn't pay too much attention to the Rulesets

The battle

Since this isn't a Share your battle Challenge, I won't be focusing on the Battle details but mostly on my Team's performance:

1st Round

Kraken Tanking pretty well but Goblin Mech miss really hurt! (rarely misses under normal circumstances)

2nd Round

Now it's DeepLurker turn to miss!

However, Kraken started with the First Trample only to be stopped by Windeku's Thorns!

3rd Round

Watch the Show:

GOBLIN MECH was the ONE to go on RAMPAGE!
1st Kill

What a spectacular way to end the battle and seal an exciting victory!

This is why it's so important to play according to the rulesets!
It's true that in lower leagues, Rulesets like Stampede and Heavy Hitter are often ignored, however it's heavily rewarding to play according to these rules like show in this battle
Moreover, not paying attention to the 2nd ruleset Reverse Speed, some misses could've costed me the battle and turn the tides to my enemies favor!

Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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