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There once was an ominous battle ahead. The realm of the Fire Splinter was under threat by viscious Death monsters and destiny was to be decided on the battlefield. The Land of Fire had lived in peace for many years, villages and towns were prospering and trade was flourishing. Yet guerrilla gangs came down from the mountains more and more frequently to pillage farmland and menace folks. Tensions had been mounting between the red and purple flags and it was time to settle the score once and for all. Negotiations between Fire and Earth intermediaries resulted in the green armies abstaining and staying out of the conflict.

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It was the age of spiritual conflict, when Rebirth was commonplace and heretics roamed the realm looking for Opportunity to claim their loot. The enemy was therefore unpredictable and mighty, hungry for victory and glory. Armies were being mustered in great numbers on both sides.

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The Fire summoners carefully deliberated their fighting strategy before briefing their troops. Although it was usually up to JACEK THE CONQUEROR to command larger armies and TARSA also wanted a piece of the action, they came to the agreement that this battle had to be won at all cost.

So they called on ETERNAN BRUNE to conscript a mighty gladiator to get the job done. This was a gamble, as BRUNE had only a Level 2 cap and wasn’t confident that his troops could withstand the enemy’s onslaught with limited fighting powers. After many hours discussing their options and burning the midnight oil, they came up with what they though would be the best solution to guarantee victory: martyrs and gladiators!

So ETERNAN BRUNE had the mandate to put together a mighty army, built around gladiator forces to be protected by martyrs. This seemed to be the best strategy to deal with Rebirth and Opportunity.

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BRUNE had an uneasy feeling that he may not be up to the task, as rumours had it, that the Death monster veterans had high level ranks and daunting reputations. He had till dawn the next day to order his ranks and mobilize his most skilled fighters.

The mood in the camp was confident and alert, which helped BRUNE and his advisers make the right decisions, putting warriors in the right positions and arming them with the right combinations of weapons and skillsets.

When the time was close to giving the marching orders, BRUNE took one last look at his battle plan and then set off to the barracks to muster his troops.


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LIVING LAVA was to lead BRUNE's armies into the field. His role was to protect the frontline and provide lots of cover for the footsoldiers in the midfield and backline. He had strong defenses with solid shield. Although slow to act, LIVING LAVA was the ideal candidate to counter Opportunity and be resurrected once he fell.


Then came BRUNE's star formation: VENARI MARKSRAT, TATIANA BLAYDE and FIRECALLER. Together this trio was BRUNE's secret weapon to deal with Opportunity and Rebirth, with the hope, that TATIANA would perform multiple Bloodlust attacks.

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FEROX DEFENDER was another important strategic inclusion. Protect was to be a primal consideration when working with rebirthing monsters, giving them more chances to stay alive a second time through additional shield.

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The backline was covered by TENYII STRIKER, to protect the tail and perform Sneak attacks. The armies were assembled, the marching call was sounded and the Fire monsters set off to fight for glory!



BRUNE was wise to have the infamous TATIANA BLAYDE and dedicated martyrs at his side, as the death armies were formidable and bloodthirsty. Their leader, GUCHTIERE, fielded a powerful bunch of beta warriors with high ranks, grand fighting powers and a variety of abilities, including Stun, Strengthen, Silence, Slow, Affliction and Demoralize. Facing these odds, the red armies needed a micacle, luck and lots of Bloodlust.

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They clashed and the death armies struck immediately with increased speed to slaughter VENARI MARKSRAT, who was promptly resurrected. He martyred himself to boost LIVING LAVA and TATIANA, who retaliated to wipe out the UNDEAD PRIEST. He was also resurrected to take another breath. VENARI MARKSRAT was killed a second time by enemy Opportunity attacks, to provide a second Martyr boost to his team. The frontline was so solid, that the enemy could hardly touch it, although LIVING LAVA was stunned. The rest of the initial offensive was uneventful.

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During the second offensive, TATIANA struck first to wipe out the GRIM REAPER, who was resurrected, only to be killed by TATIANA a second time. Then enemy fire focused on FIRECALLER, who martyred and was resurrected. TATIANA already had overpowering force by then, only to grow stronger by the minute.

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The Splintergods were on BRUNE's side! The death monsters were falling one by one. TATIANA had grown so powerful through Martyr and Bloodlust, that she took out high health enemy monsters with single shots. OCTOPIDER was the next candidate to have his tombstone inscribed. FIRECALLER was wiped out a second time, only to elevate TATIANA further to an invincible status.

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TATIANA's legendary gladiator performance continued, slaughtering the CORRUPTED PEGASUS twice with two foul swoops. LIVING LAVA was still living but was stunned permanently, letting the red armies behind him safely do carry out their duties.

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LORD OF DARKNESS was the next death monster to feel TATIANA's wrath. During the six and final offensive, TATIANA struck again to catapult her battle stats to astronomical heights, by taking the PHANTOM SOLDIER out twice. LIVING LAVA still stood firmly and FEROX DEFENDED, although quietly in the shadows of his great gladiator beside him, won much glory. The battle was won! The red armies were victorious!


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The death menace was defeated! Peace returned to the Splinterlands, if only briefly. The great and mighty TATIANA BLAYDE was celebrated throughout the Splinterrealm. Statues were erected in her image, chronicles were written about her and her epic battle was remembered for generations to come. In the age of martyrdom and resurrection, the great heroine TATIANA would be feared by her foes until the end of her days.


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