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Here is my entry for: SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!


Edition: Chaos Legion

Element: Life

Attack: Magic

Abilities: Amplify and Affliction

Dax Paragon is probably one of the best 2 mana cards in the game, especially at higher levels. This card is quite situational and I sometimes find it difficult to place so I don't use it often. Nevertheless, Dax is very useful in low mana games and in little league. His amplify ability does not get much action but the affliction is very useful. As a magic damage dealer, his affliction attack cannot miss, so I made sure that my Dax is at level 5. Here are the stats:

The battle I want to show you today is a 24 mana play and the rulesets are unprotected and explosive weaponry.

The Pelacor Conjurer is in first position to hopefully score some misses with Venator Kinjo behind him to protect the support monsters from blast. Dax is in the middle of the pack with a couple of high damage monsters behind him.

---> WATCH BATTLE <---

As you can see, Dax had just the one shot and the battle was quickly won. It was a bit of a gamble with the Pelacor Conjurer up-front but thankfully the backline survived the blast attack long enough to wipe out the opposing team. Had Dax been in the last position, he would probably not have survived the fight but victory would have gone my way anyway. Easypeasy!

I like Dax Paragon very much, not so much for his abilities, although there are not may monsters around with the affliction ability, but much more for the fact that I can squeeze him in here or there when I have 2 mana to spare. He is not effective at bronze level but at silver and gold levels he can upset the balance and even turn a fight around.

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