Cards and Strategies for Your Water Deck

Hi Splinterlanders, I hope this post finds you well! Today I want to show you some more magic action from Possibilus the Wise, my very favourite summoner at the moment.

I am a big fan of the trample ability, don’t know why but I guess I like my front-line tanks to have repeated offensive striking power. With the added reach ability, my two main tanks are technically able to inflict multiple damage in the first round. Deep Lurker is also able to trample from the backline to increase the decimation of my opponent. I love watching the carnage!

The trample and reach abilities are especially effective when you use damage dealers with increased speed or taking advantage of reverse speed rulesets, like in the first of two battles I am showing you today:

Rulesets - back to basics & reverse Speed - perfect setting for Possibilus!

The obvious choice of front-line tanks here were Torhilo with the Sea Monster behind him. My opponent didn't have significant magic monsters at his disposal, so a weak range line-up was easy to deal with.

---> WATCH BATTLE 1 <---

As you can see, Torhilo and the Sea Monster generated 3 tramples to wipe out my opponent, while leaving my entire team untouched. Easypeasy!

The second battle I have chosen today also has 3 tramples, which quickly wiped out my opponent's team. The two opportunity monsters, which could also have trampled, didn't have much to do...

Rulesets - taking sides, cripple and opportunity

I made sure my opponent couldn't make use of the opportunity ruleset by including a taunt monster in my line-up. The backline was well protected to clean up at the end. Another easy victory!

---> WATCH BATTLE 2 <---

I just looove Possibilus the Wise. His trample and reach abilities given to all monsters makes sure that your two front-line damage dealers deliver maximum fighting power. When you include a taunt monster in the second position and select a powerful stealth backline, your victory is almost guaranteed!

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