BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Equalizer

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Hi battle mages, I hope you are having a great Splinterday! Today's Battle Mage Secrets Challenge is the Equalizer ruleset.

RULESET: Equalizer


All units start with the same health,
based on the highest health on either team.

Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.

When I have an equalizer ruleset, I work from the bottom up. I look for the lowest health monsters with the highest fighting power. Then I look for 2 midrange monsters for special cases, like a heavy sneak or double strike. Lastly I select the tanks to define my calculated healthcap and build big frontline defenses.

Then I look for ways to either protect my little darlings to the max or make them stay strong or get stronger, like with heal or Life Leech.


The battle I have chosen for this week’s Battle Mage Secrets Challenge is yet another Death match. The rulesets are Equalizer and Little League. Only the Death Splinter is open and the mana cap is 32.

Here is the team I put together:

THADDIUS BROOD was the obvious choice for this battle, as the only available Splinter was Death and I didn't have a great deal of choices of summoners. I could have used the conscript summoner but I didn't have any useful gladiators for this battle. Also, I knew that there are a number of magic monsters in the Death Splinter with 4 mana or less.

CRYPT BEETLE is my standard frontline tank for Death in Little League. His stats are not wonderful, but his Shield ability makes him strong and resilient. He would have at least 6 health from SHADOW SNITCH, so I was happy with this choice and placement.

SHADOW SNITCH has high health for 4 mana and Reach automatically makes him the choice for second position.

LIFE SAPPER is there to grow in health with every attack through Life Leech. In these 2 particular rulesets together, it will be a great advantage, when monsters are able to grow in health during the battle.

The same goes for VENARI BONESMITH, who also has Life Leech. Two Life Leech monsters in the team will surely allow one of them to grow from about 6 health to 10 health, as long as they survive to fight.

The REVEALER brings an important ability to the table: Stun. As every healthpoint counts in these rulesets, the ability to prevent a hit from an enemy tank can make all the difference.

Last, but not least, comes VENARY SPELLSMITH. His Dispel ability can take all positive status effects away from his target.



My opponent seemed to have the stronger team with a couple of 2 hit archers at the rear, having no sneak to fear. The first round played out quite evenly until the enemy Beetle was stunned and then wiped out by VENARI BONESMITH.


Round 2 dragged on and our Beetle was left with one healthpoint. The battle still looked quite even.


During round 3, the pins began to fall more rapidly. CRYP BEETLE bit the dust, the enemy Riftwing went home. REVEALER stunned three times in three rounds, thwarting enemy tankfire. At the end of the round SHADOW SNITCH scored a very important miss, leaving him standing to reach the next round.


DEATH ELEMENTAL was shot down. It was 4 to 3 on the field and an archer backline was going to become my opponent's undoing. Yet the rangers were regularly scoring higher hits than my team, which kept them in the game.


Round 5 wore the two LIFE SAPPERs down and at the beginning of the sixth round the scales tipped in our favour. The two final rounds 7&8 saw the two archers get zapped by my little magic darlings. VENARY BONESMITH ended the fight with 13 health!



There are many different strategies for Equalizer. I prefer to focus on the monsters that will be boosted rather than on the the heavy hitters to set the pace. Its easy to get carried away when putting teams together whose players all have the same healthpoints. I personally love Little League and would rather ramble on about it instead, and Life Leech features a lot there. See you around Splinterheads!

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