20 CL Packs Opening + Giveaway #20


Hi everyone, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has started! I don’t watch as much football as I used to, but I still enjoy the major international tournaments and will try to catch them when I can. Luck for us Aussies, the World Cup is actual on free to air tv this time round, so I get to watch as many matches I want for free!

@hivebuzz is hosting a World Cup Contest whereby you can win badges for predicting the correct match outcome and a chance to win some really nice prizes. So if you are following the World Cup, I suggest you get on it. Sad to say, my lacklustre tipping so far is only matched by my latest pack opening. I exhausted all my good luck in the last two openings. Just 1 Legendary, 2 GFs and no summoners…..


Looks like no one guessed the Gargoya Scrapper or Blinding Reflector this time round and since we now have 5 cards in the pool, we can use the Hive Randomiser to give them out! And the winners are….

Blinding Reflector - @stamato
Chaos Agent - @candnpg
Gargoya Scrapper - @crazyphantombr
Chaos Knight - @akiraymd
Gargoya Scrapper - @rtonline

Congrats to all the winners and good luck with your guesses and enjoy the World Cup.


  1. In the comments below, guess which card would have the most duplicates.
  2. Include your Splinterlands username (If different to your name here).
  3. If there are no correct guesses, the card will go into a pool and the Hive Random Winner Picker will decide who gets it once there are 5 cards in the pool.

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