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I have created a small and funny fictional story starring two interesting characters from the world of Splinterlands, I wanted to give another approach imagining that they are 2 human people, but without losing the essence of their real characters, I hope you like it.

The Crumpled Sandwich

A Short Story
by @Bitdoge

Kron The Undying looked at the crumpled sandwich in his hands and felt relaxed.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his cold surroundings. He had always loved picturesque San Diego with its outrageous, obedient oceans. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel relaxed.

Spurce: https://pixabay.com/es/illustrations/sandwich-comida-saludable-alimento-3881033/

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Wood Nymph. Wood was a special god with beautiful lips and dirty eyebrows.

Kron gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a clumsy, controlling, port drinker with chubby lips and skinny eyebrows. His friends saw him as a spluttering, squashed saint. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a yellow toddler.

But not even a clumsy person who had once made a cup of tea for a yellow toddler, was prepared for what Wood had in store today.

The sun shone like thinking snakes, making Kron sneezy.

As Kron stepped outside and Wood came closer, he could see the quick glint in her eye.

"I am here because I want a phone number," Wood bellowed, in a sweet tone. She slammed her fist against Kron's chest, with the force of 8151 ostriches. "I frigging hate you, Kron The Undying."

Kron looked back, even more sneezy and still fingering the crumpled sandwich. "Wood, what's up Doc," he replied.

They looked at each other with barmy feelings, like two silky, sad snakes loving at a very gracious funeral, which had classical music playing in the background and two thoughtless uncles eating to the beat.

Kron regarded Wood's beautiful lips and dirty eyebrows. He held out his hand. "Let's not fight," he whispered, gently.

"Hmph," pondered Wood.

"Please?" begged Kron with puppy dog eyes.

Wood looked lonely, her body blushing like a pleasant, panicky piano.

Then Wood came inside for a nice glass of port.


Well, I hope you liked it, as always if you have any suggestions or corrections to make you can leave it in the comments section below, see you in the next post, greetings.

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