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Hi, readers I wish everyone is well. Today I telling 5 best cards for battle. I want to share my opinion with you. Let's go.


Mycelic Infantry:


Lore: Journal from Qui, Merchant from Blue Harbor

Entry 7: Early Afternoon.

“If anyone finds this letter, please, I beg you, flee from this cave and do not linger in the Jade Thicket. Something protects these caverns, the woods outside, perhaps the whole island. My name is Qui. I'm a scribe from Blue Harbor. I took shelter during a rainstorm to protect my latest work Prae Tell, Rumors of Praetoria.”

Entry 8. Mid Afternoon.

“I didn't believe the stories of the Jade Thicket, so I ventured in to add to my book. I swear the trees, mushrooms, and bushes were watching me. It was only after I hunkered in this cave I learned the truth. The plant life is alive. Like alive, alive. It moves. It speaks. It hunts.”

Entry 9. Early Evening.

“Fungus-covered trees blocked the entrance and a few followed me in here, but I hid. They lumbered by, without noticing me. The only thing that remained was strange dust particles. For research purposes, I studied them and placed them in a vial. Silly me for not using gloves but it's perfect for my book! I'm pressing deeper into the cave in hopes of finding another exit.”

Entry 10. Late Evening.

“I've been trekking through these caverns for hours. Or has it been days? Thankfully, I've not seen anymore fungus creatures. They sicken me, but they are fascinating. Being deep beneath the ground for this long has given me a headache. A constant buzzing now resides in my head. To deafen the noise, I've taken to stuffing mushrooms in my ears like a sort of earplug. The strange thing is I can't recall where I found the fungus. There doesn't appear to be any in these caves at all. She told me to do it and I'll listen to her.”

Entry 11. Night.

Dirt and fungus are smeared across the page

Entry 12. Night

“I've decided to abandon my book on Praetoria and focus on writing about Her. Her. Her. Her. Her. Her. My Queen. Our Queen. We are called to the Realm of Silence. We see through Qui eyes. Qui is us, and She is pleased.”


Bone Golem:


Lore: Bones are plentiful in the land of the dead. The creation of Bone Golems is one of the few ways that Dark Eternal Sorcerers can express their individuality. Zintar Motalis, for example, is known for crafting Golems from sharpened and jagged bones, while the Cryptmancer creates behemoths of polished and rounded bones, designed to smash and batter. No matter how it was built, a Bone Golem is a destructive and unnatural beast of the dark.


Unicorn Mustang:


Lore: The wild brown Unicorns of Anumün contrast the white Unicorns of Khymeria in many ways. Unicorn Mustangs travel in herds, while Sacred Unicorns are only seen alone. The brown Unicorns are not considered sacred like the white, but they are still protected from hunt and slaughter by a superstitious stigma that no Lyverian dares challenge. When approached in the wild, Unicorn Mustangs act as though anyone and everyone but fellow Unicorns are their enemies.


Elven Defender:


Lore: The Elves of Anumün are masters of weaponcraft and armor construction. A simple Elf can be fortified into a tank that can withstand the attacks of the fiercest Burning Lands warriors, but this requires some impressive Elfcraft.


Living Lava:


Lore: Not all lava is alive; most of the time, it responds to gravity as expected. But the stuff that comes from the very core of the Molten Mountains... There's just something special about it.


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