Where to buy splinterlands cards???

We all want cashback whenever we buy anything online. Don't you all love it if we do get a cashback online? There are thousands of applications where you can get good cash back all the time. All applications we do use online are made in a way, we did get used to of that and the thing is we don't even realize that. Many users here do play splinter lands for many years. And do sell and buy cards from many platforms, not of them are really good, easy, simple, and fast to use. I have used a few websites to rent and buy splinterlands cards. Never sold a single card.

I do rent my cards on the market manually, and do rent in decent amount.no use of a bot for now. The process is not that hard here is the link. I do reinvest my dec earnings in buying splinterlands cards and I am planning to level up my cards the more the level the better the rental income will be. If you are planning to buy some cards or want to invest in splinterlands then sure this is a good time to invest for sure.

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The market is bearish so good time to sneak before the bull run starts. I do think this is really a good time to invest in any crypto(that you do believe in for sure, don't invest your money in any crypto do good research before investing ) if you can.
And Investing in splinterlands is indeed a good deal for sure if you can invest.
There are many ways to buy cards on splinterlands below are the few popular renting, buying, and sell ing cards that you can see your splinterlands game.

There are indeed many websites from where you can sell , buy and rent your cards. I am sure we all do have a favorite website that we do use to buy, sell , and rent cards. I do love to use cardauctionz to buy cards most of the time. I am planning to level up my cards and rent them and do earn a passive income from that I know the income is not that much but still, that is way much better than nothing.

Why cardauctionz ?

I used to buy cards from peakmonsters but one of my friends recommend me this amazing website that gives you an instant discount in using the website.

Best discounts on Splinterlands Cards
You heard right, CardAuctionz has the best discounts out there with a 3.25% cash back reward on all of your card purchases. That's not all though. CardAuctionz also offers awesome tools, an active community, and the best discounts around. Did I say that already?


So, what do you think now? do you have used this website before?
what website did you use to rent your cards? The 3.25 % cash back is really a good deal for sure. Imagine the cashback in cards that are world or millions 🤗. If you are not using this website, now you should start using this website and start playing with this website. You can thank me later 😬.
Do you know any other website that gives you cashback on buying cards? please do share that in the comment section.

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If you are new to the splinterlands game then feel free to join my referral 😁

My splinterlands referral

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