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I am enjoying playing the splinterlands game these days. learning so many things daily, new abilities, new strategies, and many more things. It is really fun to play the game. Even though I am not winning all the matches still it is really fun to play the game. Sometimes the new strategies did work and sometimes they didn't end up well over it is fun. You never know which card you are gonna love. In the past week, I have played with a few new cards and I saw there are so many amazing cards that are worth playing with. yes, all that cards are worth playing but there is always a replacement of everyone.

I am sure that we all do have some favorite cards on the game and they did replaced by the new cards. We do love some abilities and we started suing that types of cards more next time we battle.

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As you can see the ruleset is Explosive weaponry with a mana cap of 39 is a decent mana and mostly it is not that hard to find cards for this kind of battle you just have to choose the good cards to determine your cards. Most of the time I use a Venator Kinjo card whenever I did get Explosive weaponry but when I did use this card in the battle last time it didn't go well for me the opponent used some new trick that time and I lost that match. Although I did lose I did learn something new from that battle and I did apply that to this battle 😀. I was happy to see that it went well for me, not for the opponent of course.


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I am really a fan of the water element or you can say I use mostly magic monsters, not all the time that did end up well too.
I used some new cards one of them was a legendary card that I did win on my last season last chest 😉 Btw the card is Musa Saline, the was is really great it's a magic card with a scavenger Ability mana cost only three if you do have medium mana cap battle you can use it.


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So mY line up is :

  • Djinn Oshannus - 1st position, This is really a monster card if you are playing against magic, sometimes this didn't work as much as we do expect but most of the time this is really a great card. With a speed of 5 and 2 magic attacks. I use this card a lot.

  • Venari Marksrat- 2nd Postion, even though these cars dont have that much power to attack. one speed and one ranged attack with 3 health. The main power of the card is not applied when the card is in the game, the ability works after the card is not in the game. The Martyr ability is one of the best abilities in my opinion only for the leftover card and in the battle this card has done pretty well after his sacrifice. 😉 Even though the opponent did have Hunted Spirit In the second position, still that was a bad placement 😋

  • Ruler of the Seas- 3rd position, this is one of my best cards that is used very often 6 mana cap card with the speed of 3, the magic of, and health of 5. The card already has the blast ability.

  • Spirit Miner- 4th position, I used this card very often too if I have space to add this special card that gives +1 speed to all the cards with the speed of 3, 2 magic attacks, and 6 health.
    Speed is really a game changer

  • Musa Saline- 5th Postion, I am using this card from this season this is a good card in my opinion. three mana cap with 3 speed, 1 magic, and 3 health. With a scavenger Ability it is a decent card as the game will go on if this will survive then its health will increase as the game continues.

  • Phantom of the Abyss- 6th position or you can say at the last position. This card is a monster one the mana cap is 10 but still 7 health, 6 speed, and 3 magic is really a great deal don't you think? Most of the time I used this card at the back of the line, This does have flying and doge abilities, these abilities can be beneficial if the opponent is using sneak monsters will less speed.

So, it was really a fun battle for me, 🙃you can see the Battle Link from here. The man of the match of this battle is of course Venari Marksrat, what do you think see you in the next post still then keep battling.

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see you in the next post, till then keep learning and keep exploring...

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