Credits or Potions?


Before the update players hated receiving Alchemy and Legendary Potions from the loot chests. But after the update which resulted in the nerfing of the Bronze league loot chests rewards; players would rather get potions instead of Credits.

Yeah the situation was that bad. With 45% chance of receiving Credits and 45% chance of receiving Potions in Bronze III the chances that a card would drop is pathetically low.

But even with those chances, Credits still drop more than Potions. If the Credits being drop was substantial; people won't be too upset but if you only get 1-5 Credits whenever you open loot chest in Bronze III then that's another story.

It was for this reason that some would rather get potions since they're more valuable. Sure you can't use them without card packs but there's still a chance one would get some in the future.

For example, one might get some during the pre-sale of the Chaos Legion packs. So yeah... If you don't want to give me cards then just give me potions please. That or increase the amount of Credits we could receive.

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