Splinterlands - Opening my first Chaos Packs - 5 gold cards, 3 Legendary, 4 Epics


Hello everyone,
this is my first ever post on the Splinterlands community. I have not been so active in the game recently, but I thought that this new Chaos Legion Pack could be a good moment to enter the game, and so I decided to put some money and try my luck with pack opening.
I have read in various posts that probably the best idea is not to buy packs, but directly the cards you need, and I tend to agree with this idea since the probability of getting good cards in packs is very low...
This is what my head says, but in reality, I really love pack opening...

Since I used to play Fifa Ultimate Team, I really enjoy opening packs...
Yeah of course here we are talking about putting money to open them, but still, this is a game at the end, and packs opening makes me enjoy it even more... so here we are 😁


Pack 1 results


I was kind of lucky here since I got 4 out of 5 rare cards and one was a gold one.

Pack 2 results


Also here quite lucky, a rare and an epic gold card (worth around 20.000 credits).

Pack 3 results


Probably the most lucky pack I opened, a Legendary card and an Epic-Gold one, for a value of ~30.000 credits.

Pack 4 results


An other Legendary card.

Pack 5 results


Here "only" a rare card (probably I was getting too used to get good cards 😅).

After this, I also opened other packs but wasn't really lucky.
I am quite satisfied of my investment, since I believe that most of the cards I found will be worth a lot more in the next years (or at least this is what I hope).

Now I probably need to spend a little more time also on the game to give a sense to my investment.

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