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In this weekly challenge Super Star is Wave Runner! Card, which have decent hp and melee damage! Waver Runner mainly is used for secondary tank. Can deal double damage, when attack stuned target. He not miss when attack flying monsters, but only when he have atleast 9 level, so this ability can be useful only in diamond league or above. I used him in Gold League ranked game as secondary tank. All my strategy and line up I will describe below.

Basic information about Wave Runner

This is common card, which can have max 10 level. Card is from reward edition. Water element. Wave Runner use melee attacks. This card can unlock abilities: Reach from 1 level, Knock Out from 5 level and Snare from 9 level. His main role is attack from second place. He is supposed to tank many blast damage.


The Wave Runner sees not one but two sets of prey. The first set of eyes scours the ocean for a tasty morsel. The second set of eyes looks above to the skies for unsuspecting flyers. With a powerful swipe of its tail the Wave Runner can leap out of the water and bring giant birds and dragons alike into the water where its body provides a natural fighting advantage. It's best to find land or make peace with your soul if you're unfortunate enough to face a Wave Runner.

This is powerful water monster, which you should not mess with.
Even Dragons, which are most powerful monsters, when get caught in the air and snare under water by Waver Runner lost big advantage of flying monster and have deadly troubles. Without fly ability under water are much fragile and get hits more often by Wave Runner. If you are Dragon or Bird better be carefoul, because you never know, when Wave Runner can leap directly from the water and snare you under water, where you can be his next dinner.

For what I like Wave Runner?

For being dangerous water monster, which easily leap from the water and hunt flying monster. I like to play with water color with aggressive style of melee monsters, so Wave Runner is one of the most matching monster with that style. Its terrifying sight underwater will scare anyone who appear near it. You better not mess with him if you value your life.

My team

Summoner Bortus


Summoner for 3 mana. In this match I had 4 mana more for monsters compared to Zaku!
Bortus cast debuff to all enemy monsters -1 magic attack.



I used offensive tank at first line. I had wisdom that my opponent can use melee attacks. With shield ability all attack damage attack are reduced by 50%. Another great ability is enrage, which increase my melee attack and speed, when Impaler is damaged. Better speed is good, becuase more monsters more often miss, my tank attack every turn before slower units. This ability combined with piercing ability is super good. When enemy monster don't have enough armor to tank damage rest of damage is taken of his hit points. Impaler can hit really hard trust me! Last thing Knock out, because that was rule in this matchup. When enemy monster have cc, and get hit by monster with knock out ability then take double damage! Neutral monsters, many times is flexible and useful in many colors!

Wave Runner


wave runner button2.png

Super Star of Weekly Challange! Wave Runner! NOISE FOR HIM!

In Gold League he have only two abilities. Reach, which is really useful, because he can attack from second position. Knock out ability work as I described before. At max level he get snare ability. With snare he can not miss flying monster and have chance to remove fly status. Really op, when you know that enemy can use many flying monsters! Wave Runner have really good speed 5 units, 3 attack and the most important 7 hp. As secondary tank I expect from him to tank blast damage or be tank when my first lane tank be not able to continue the fight. He can be used only with water monsters. Cost 5 mana is not much as secondary tank. For average mana rule he is great choice!



This is really powerful monster for anty magic with magic reflect, anty melee with shield and thorns. He have bunch of hp. 12 hit points is huge tank. Thorn are really good, because enemy in this specific battle, can't use ranged monsters, so probably will use melee monsters. When he will hit Lobstradamus, then he will take damage back from thorns. This card is for 6 mana so not that much. Don't have much magic attack, is so slow, but mainly this card is used for reflect damage and for sustain as tank. In my specific matchup I used him in third position just in case to have him as last tank, when my two first monsters will take too much damage.

Feasting Seaweed


This monster is really cool. Have 3 attack damage and opportunity ability. He attack monsters with the lowest hp. If any monster die it could be my or opponent's monster, monster with ability scavenger get additional 1 hp. I used him at 4 place, because he is really good tank at end of the battle. Can have really much hp. Unfortunately I not have max lvl monster for Gold League, but this is not problem at all.



Monster for only 1 mana! Fit very well with my team. With flying ability can avoid melee and ranged attacks. At level 6 he have tank heal ability. Every turn he heal monster in first position. At level 6 not have much speed, but when my backline monster is alive, which cover Albatross my tank can be safe with heal from Albatross and have bigger chance for survive another round. Unfortunately in this battle, blast damage killed Albatross in first round, but usually having Albatross in the team make a big difference.

Sabre Shark


My last monster on last position. I pick him, because have decent 3 attack damage and can tank probably one hit from enemy sneak monster. I don't have him at max level for gold league, so is not that fast as possible, but still make great work. He not only attack last monsters from enemy team, but he can tank damage to cover Albatross, so he can cover Albatross in first round! The problem was Goblin Shaman, which reduced hp of Albatross from 2 to 1. And 1 hit from blast kills him.

Enemy Team

Summoner Yodin Zaku

He is most hated summoner by many players. With blast ability and buff for ranged attacks and 1 hp make really scary work.
This time I can say he not had his full potential, because rule with broken arrows not allow using ranged monsters in battle. Summoner for 7 mana is much for average mana battles.




This monster was used as a tank. Is really good choice, if I would play with magic attack monsters, but this time I had only Lobstradamus with 1 magic attack, so he tank full damage from him. Immunity ability is useful, but not in this matchup I didn't use any monsters with poison.



Legendary monster for 1 mana with only 1 attack damage and only 2 hp. I think my opponent had problem with mana so he decided to use fragile secondary tank. Not dangerous, especially versus Impaler with shield, he deal 0 damage to my first tank, but even with 0 damage he still damage my Waver Runner for 1 hp with blast.

Goblin Shaman


This was third monster in line up used by my opponent. This card is really useful for Yodin Zaku, because reduce speed of all my cards and reduce hp by 1 hit points. My tank and secondary tank had no magic reflect and no void so gets full damage. For Impaler is not that problem, because he can increase his stats with enrage, which really help me.

Dwarven Wizard


Card used in 4th spot. Really dangerous card, when have enough level to use stun. With knock out ability other monster with blast damage can really easy kill my monsters, but I was lucky and my opponents didn't had level with stun. That's really make my game winable versus him!

Flame Monkey


My opponent had max level of this card. This card have repair ability, which recover damaged armor of monster, which lost the most armor in each round. Enemy had only one monster with armor, so Flame Monkey always recover armor from tank. It's not bad strategy for tank sustain, but problem is when Caladuum is not enough tanky to stand all the damage.

Kobold Miner


This was last 6th monster used by my enemy in battle. Monster with sneak ability, which means that attack last monster in the roster. Problem is that he had only 5th level not max one, my sabre shark was able to sustain his damage very well.

Game Rules

Let's start from game rules.


Rule 1

Heavy Hitters


This was rule, which will really helps anyone win this battle, but unfortunately nobody of us had monster with stun for deal double damage for stunned monster.

Rule 2

Broken Arrows


This rule probably won my battle. Many Yodin Zaku users have max level ranged monsters. In this battle my opponent can't use any ranged monster, so he lose his buff for ranged monsters and, which is really important to admit here he was supposed to use monsters without max level. I assume that he not play with that monsters every time, he pick Zaku so that's why he was unprepared for my better level monsters in Gold league.

Mana cap


This is average mana. I think it helps me more than my opponent. I used summoner for 3 mana and he used nerfed summoner for 7 mana. He had big problems with secondary tank, which was super squishy. Another advantage for me.

Colors active in this battle


Fire, water, earth, life and death.
My choice was for water color and my enemy used fire color.

My strategy

I used Waver Runner with summoner Bortus versus Yodin Zaku summoner. Of course Yodin Zaku with specific rules is much stronger than Bortus but not with these rules.

Zaku is powerfull summoner, but this time was rule with broken arrows, which means that any ranged attack monster can't be used in battle. That gives me a lot od advantage, because Zaku have buff for ranged monsters. blast damage is always a problem, so Wave Runner with decent amount of hp fill really well in my team!

Ok, so now we know what cards was used in battle. Let's analyze every round.

Round 1


Description of the fight!

In first round battle started with all buffs and debuffs from summoners and monsters. My summoner from water color applied -1 magic attack to enemy tank Caladuum. I lost 1 hp for every monster from Shaman debuff, my monsters loses 1 speed.

In first round Aganju hit my tank for 0 damage and for 1 with blast ability my Wave Runner. My Wave Runner lost 1 hp due his attack. Then wave runner hit tank and all damges goes for his armor. Flame monkey restore broken armor of tank and Goblin Shaman hits my Impaler, which gets enrage and my Wave Runner with blast. Impaler hits hard Caladuum, then was trade of sneak monsters, both survive but lost many hp. Blast kills my Albatross, which was big lose for my team. Anyway my Impaler had enrage, so with heal from Albatros he would lose buffs anyway. So I was still in the game, but without tank healer. My Feasting Seaweed gets 1 hp, because albatross was dead. Then Dwarven Wizard attacks with snipe ability and damages goes mainly to Lobstradamus, which reflect that 1 damage to him. blast make some damage to my back monsters included Feasting Seaweed and Wave Runner. Then was turn of Feasting Seaweed, which not miss and killed Kobold Miner. That was huge for my team, because enemy lost sneak monster and my Sabre Shark was safe! Feasting Seaweed get another 1 hp for kill. Then Caladuum attacks with 1 speed my tank, which lost 2 hp and applied criple for him.

Round 2


Second round started without Albatross and Kobold Miner.
My Sabre Shark was much damages, but was safe with 1 hp. No more sneak monster was avaible to trade with him. My Impaler have only 4 hp is hard damaged, but have 6 melee attack. Wave Runner have only 2 hp, but he lost 1 hp during blast attack from Aganju. With 1 hp remaining he hit Caladuum for 3 damage. Then Flame Monkey restored 2 of 3 armor of Caladuum and Goblin Shaman hit my Impaler for 1 damage and kills my Wave Runner with blast. This was third monster, which dies on battlefield. My Feasting Seaweed gets + 1 hp. Then Impaler hit very hard Caladuum and he lose 2 armor and almost all hp, survive with only 1 hp on battlefield. My sneak monster hits Flame Monkey for 3 damage. Then Dwarven Wizard hit Lobstradamus for 1 hp, Impaler and Feasting Seaweed freceived 1 blast damage. My Lobstradamus trade 1 damage back to dwarf. Then Feasting Seaweed kills main tank, because he had only 1 hp and my monster had opportunity. Feasting Seaweed get +1 hp for kill. From now Aganju is main tank. Lobstradamus hits Aganju for 1 damage.

Round 3


Round starts from Aganju, which hit for 0 my tank and for 1 hp with blast my Lobstradamus. Good for him, because blast damage not received damage from thorns. Then Goblin Shaman hits my Impaler for 1 hp and with blast my Lobstradamus and get's 1 damage back from reflect damage. Impaler with 1 hp kills Aganju, which had 2 hp. Feasting Seaweed get +1 hp. Now enemy tank is Goblin Shaman. with 3 hp. Then Sabre Shark kills Flame Monkey. Feasting Seaweed get + 1hp. Dwarven Wizard hit Lobstradamus for 1 hp with blast for 1hp my Impaler and Feasting Seaweed. My Impaler dies. Feasting Seaweed get +1 hp. Lobstradamus trade back to Wizard for 1 hp. Then Feasting Seaweed kills Dwarven Wizard and get + 1 hp for kill. Lobstradamus hits Goblin Shaman for 1 hp.

Round 4


Round starts from Goblin Shaman, which had 3 speed. He hit Lobstradamus for 1 hp with magic damage and Feasting Seaweed with blast damage for 1 hp and recieved 1 magic damage back from Lobstradamus reflect damage. Sabre Shark kills Goblin Shaman. My monsters gets back 1 speed and 1 hp. Feasting Seaweed get + 1 hp and I won battle with 3 monsters standing.


After this battle I was probably 1 win away from Diamond League!

Did my strategy work?

It was good strategy, which lead me to victory. I would not change anything in my line up. It was unlucky for my Albatross to get killed by blast damage, but it happens. My Impaler without healer was angry and make his work wery well. I was good prepared for anything which could happen during battle. I am happy that I won and my strategy work perfectly!

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