I took part in silver tournament for SPS! Now I share results!

Welcome Guys!

This time I want show you my performance in Silver League Tournament with 6.25 SPS entry price. It was not easy to win games versus really good opponents, but I show you my all battles!

First round started with 11 battles!

round 1.png

I won 7 battles and loses 4 of them. It was enough to advance to next round, which was day after.

Final round

final round.png

This time I had really bad win ratio, maybe because I played versus top players, who advanced with good win ratio from previous day. Anyway it was not that bad at all. I finished tournament with score 11 win and 11 loses, 50% win ratio. I need to admit that silver league is not my daily league, where I play and I need rent many cards just for silver league to be able to be competitive in this tourney.

47th silver tournament.png

I got prizes for be in top 64th. I think I should play better, but still I was in second round with barely score, so I am happy that I was in this final round. This time no big win, but maybe some day will be my lucky day, when I will rule over my enemies!

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