I am so ready for the new content that I am loosing interest rn.

Right now all I am really finding the energy to do is my daily. Now that I have run out of the quest potions and am getting small amounts of DEC almost everyday.... Its a bit boring...
I am currently logging in picking up my airdrops... Chatting with my guild... and doing my dailies... There are so many sweaties rn also that have bearly any power but are renting teams that just destroy. I know I could do the same... but I feel like its a waste...
The only thing I find really interesting is collecting my SPS now that prices have gone up.... BTW someone buying 2 mil SPS o.0 DANG
I just wanted to get that out... I am wondering if any one else is feeling this way rn.
Also, is anyone having a problem getting their SPT to show up for their airdrop... I have had tripple the amount of SPT that my airdrop shows for over a week... le sigh..

Thanks for reading,

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