Sneaky Snake combo in Armored ruleset

what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Armored Up ruleset that means All monster have 2 armor in addition to their normal Armor stats so with having armor in early battle the choice of picking monster is so limited unless you are using tanker that have void ability or shield ability to embrace the ruleset in frontliner or you need to adding backliner tank so the sneak army cannot penetrate from the back. And you can see from the thumbnail i am using death element with Silent Sha-vi as the main attacker from behind and support from Uraeus and also Disinterigator from debuff. Why i am using this element you need to know this. Lets discussing below

Okay lets discuss about Armored Up Ruleset in some case battle this ruleset can really helpfull but somehow this ruleset can be tricky and make us overwhelmed. For example if the ruleset combined with Magic only and Weak Magic it will make hard for the decision to bring what monster in battle because it will make the choice very limited and the chance of winning getting low especially if we dont have the NFT cards. But in contrary if combined with some ruleset that we have the NFT card this ruleset can bring advantage to us. Armored Up ruleset is very universal so it can combined with many ruleset and make the battle still 50 : 50 depends on what the combined ruleset or element and manacap that can be used. Usually this ruleset can be solved by bringing magic monster because magic damage can penetrate the armor and direct hit to HP except some monster with Void Armor ability that can make magic attack will hit armor first.It is very nice to know and practice in battle right lets go to my strategy to handle this ruleset.

Strategy Phase

Okay in this battle the ruleset is combined with 3 ruleset of course one of them is Armored Up the other 2 is Up Close & Personal means only monster with melee attack that can be used in battle and the last one is Equalizer means The initial health of all monster is equal to that of the monster on either team with the highest base heatlh so if the highest HP on the board is 7 that will make all monster on board is 7. This ruleset is very tricky and hard to arrange with only melee monster that can be used more over the manacap in this battle is just 23 which is very low for manacap. Melee monster usualy cost mana very high up until 7-9 mana. The great news is the element that cannot be used is just water element.
So in my head i want to using the sneak monster to handle the opponent. Usually people hard on frontliner and make the tanker so hard to kill and the rest is just for defence. so i want to attack from behind. hopefully the opponent did not prepared tanker in backliner and here my arrangement for this battle you can see in table below

Summoner-1 Magic & HPI am using this summoner because in my overview death element is the suitable if using sneak army. i am prefer using Silent Sha-vi as main attacker this a matter of course Fire element is suitable too if using sneak attack but i dont have the Summoner that suitable in Gold League maybe next time i am buying Tarsa summoner later
TankerShieldI am using this monster because this monster cost low manacap and have shield ability and with Equalizer ruleset this monster is very suitable monster to be tanker.
Second TankerFlyingI am using this monster because this monster have flying ability and have chance to dodge opponent attack with flying ability.And of course with Equalizer ruleset it will give this monster advantage to be a tanker with low cost manacap.
Support DebuffDemoralize & TrampleI am using this monster to make sure the enemy got debuff melee attack so if the opponent using 2 melee attack it will be 1 melee attack and with shield ability the opponent cannot reducing Crypt Beetle HP so it will depend on my sneak army to finishing off from behind.
Back AttackerSneaki am using this monster because this monster have 3 basic melee attack and have high speed so this monster is the center of backliner attacker. Hopefully the opponent did not preparing backliner tanker so this monster can finishing off easily in this battle
Back AttackerSneakI am using this monster because this monster will be the secondary backliner attacker so with total 5 basic damage hopefully it can be quick finishing from behind and i am using this monster in last position because this monster have armor so it will slowing down the opponent sneak attack.

After looking my strategy how the battle ends?
Lets discuss it in Battlephase aye


So this battle both of us using same summoner and mine is lower level than the opponent hopefully i can win this battle. With 1 level summoners different it can make different level for common monster level by 2 rare monster by 1 different ,Epic and Legendary monster by 1 different and with this different it can have different abilities and status. So lets go to the round 1 aye.

Round 1 & 2

Okay this is summary round 1 and 2 as usual first movement is both team got buff and debuffed from both summoners and monsters. in this case all monster got debuffed 1 Hp and 1 Melee damage because both player brings Disinterigator what make difference is the enemy bring Cursed Windeku level 5 that have Heal Ability. this make this battle very hard. So my strategy bring sneak army was not to bad in this battle. Hoping that my sneak monster can finishing faster than Cursed Windeku finishing my tanker. My advantage in this battle is opponent placing Disinterigator in backline so it will killed first by my sneak monster and automatically my team debuff was gone if opponent Disinterigator fainted.Basically round 1 and 2 is just cracking both shield and did some minor damage to the both backliner.

Round 3 - 5

okay due to many round this battle and every round just have around 6 movement i am combined the summary 2-3 rounds at once. Okay in round 3 and 4 basically both sneak army attacking backliner and my frontliner thankfully can hold longer even get Thorns ability and the attack from Opponent Cursed Windeku. and in round 5 my sneak army can finishing opponent Disinterigator so the debuff from Demoralize ability is gone and my attack back to normal. After that the opponent still have Carrion Shade as a backline tanker to be finished off. the layer of opponent backline still excessively.

Round 6-9

in round 7 my sneak monster can finishing opponent Carrion Shade but unfortunately my Crypt Beetle cannot hold much longer so in round 7 got fainted too. But my Carrion Shade is have great jobs done with dodge many attack from opponent Cursed Windeku but with Thorns ability nonetheless my Carrion Shade got damage too. In round 8 my sneak army entering battle to Undead Badger now but with normal melee attack it should not to long to killing Undead Badger this time.

Round 10-13

In early round 10 my sneak army can finishing off the undeadn badger and with thorsn ability from Cursed Windeku my Carrion Shade fainted too. after that in no time in round 12 my sneak army can finishing opponent Cursed Slimeball and leaving just Cursed Windeku and Venator Kinjo. The Cursed Windeku is hard part to be killed because with Thorns ability and have Healing ability it will very hard to be killed.that proven in late round 12 and round 13 to get Cursed Windeku even wounded is very hard the HP op Cursed Windeku still back to maximum with the healing ability.

Round 14-16 (Last Round)

Okay from the round 13 my attack can focused in attacking Cursed Windeku and in Round 14 finally my monster can finishing off Cursed Windeku. And with Venator Kinjo Remaining in opponent board i think the opponent cannot beat my Sneak army anymore the difference about total melee damage is pretty much. And my Silent Sha-vi still having 7 HP with Venator Kinjo it need 7 more round to killing Silent Sha-vi but in contrary total my sneak army is 5 that means with 2 additional rounds Venator Kinjo can be defeated.

If you want to look the video of this battle you can just klik and watch link below :

if the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Sneak Battle Armored Up Ruleset


Okay from my opinion Armored Up ruleset can be both give advantage nor disadvantage especially when combined with other ruleset that can make super annoying like this battle. when using just melee only and have equalizer ruleset make the Armored Up ruleset a little useless this time. unless just adding more defence to the backliner and extending the battle with so little movement and need some turns to killing the opponent backliner. same with this battle actually both players almost using same strategy with decreasing the melee damage with Demoralize ability from Disinterigator and both player bringing Sneak monster but the opponent just bringing 1 Sneak monster in contraty my team bringing 2 sneak monster thats why it make some difference of the total attack that can hit.And from the difference like that it will affect the result of the battle. slightest mistake can make losing the battle. But overall if cannot using magic attack on Armored Up ruleset just adding more damage to Melee army in this case the frontliner and backliner or frontliner and sneak army so if any player bringing some demoralize it can still attacking the opponent. imagine if bringing 2 monster that have Demoralize ability placing in same board. that will make sure that opponent cannot give damage to monster that have shield ability and locking the defeat label. But if you break out the format attack and placing some good frontliner and bring 2 or 3 Sneak monster it will make the results of the battle will different. and maybe same with my battle that can guarantee a winner.

In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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