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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Aimless Ruleset that means All monster have scattershot ability and that means all the range and magic attack hit random target even using taunt monster the taunt effect will uselesess,range and magic monster still attack randomly. This is very insteresting ruleset that will base on luck to every attack and cannot predict who will win the battle. Not only that in this battle the ruleset combined with perfect match which is Going to Distance that means only ranged attack monsters that can be used in this battle.With super random attack need prepared many monster in battlefield so the opponent have 1 : 6 to get the same monster. and it will benefited if using ranged monster with Close Range ability

Okay lets discuss about Aimless Ruleset first this ruleset is making all monster have scattershot ability. and the what Scattershot means. Scattershot is the new ability in Chaos Legion Edition, the ability is not new buat it is super rare monster have this ability. But the Aimless ruleset itself is very new appear maybe it appear around 2-3 months ago or maybe less. and with the Aimless ruleset make the battle is so hard to predictable and hard to arrange good monster because there no chance to calculate who will be killed first and who to be targeted first when using range and magic monster. And as you know using Taunt monster is bit useless but the taunt monster usually have high health so maybe it can be good as tanker besides that is very useless in Aimless ruleset. It is very nice to know and practice in battle right lets go to my strategy to handle this ruleset.

Strategy Phase

Okay in this battle the Aimless ruleset is combined with 2 other ruleset that is Going to Distance and Tis but scratches. Aimless as i said before this ruleset make the range and magic monster be random in attacking the enemy. and what makes this battle interesting is the combined with Going to Distance ruleset this ruleset make both player can only bring range monster and as you know the range monster is so hard to arrange and in my case i am owned very little ranged monster. And as you can see in the picture above the manacap is 36 which is very much for just bringing Ranged monster and just Earth element that can be used. So the choice in ranged monster is very little choice just earth monster and normal monster. So, what i am bringing this time with this ruleset and with the limited choice lets look in the table below

Summoner+1 Magic DamageI am using this summoner because with the Earth Element only my choice just go to Obsidian as i owned Obsidian level 4 max silver in Modern Gold League battle this time even in this ruleset this summoner is not giving any advantage but i think i am using the level of this summoner to bring monster that suitable with the level of the summoner
TankerFlying, Close Range, DeathblowI am using this monster because this monster have Close Range ability that make this monster can attack event placing in Frontliner. Even this monster have small HP and not suitable to be placed as a tanker but in Going to Distance ruleset using this monster in first place it the best choice.
Second tankerOppress & DeathblowI am using this monster as a second tanker because this monster is just merely like a filler that have medium HP and maybe can hold 2-3 times attacks before die and this monster is very suitable as a sacrifice monster in this battle
SupportSprintI am using this monster because want to make sure that my monster mostly attack first by adding speed to all my monster and the chance to killing enemy first is high. Besides that this monster is have good speed and have mediocre HP and same as a Vampiric Blossoms this monster can take 2-3 attacks before this monster die so it will give chance my other monster attacking the enemy if 2 line up have beaten
Attacker & TankerScavangerI am using this monster to utilize the scavanger abilties and after 3 of my monster got sacrificed and die this monster adding 3 more Health and if my monster did not die in first place this monster can be as an attacker because in level 4 this monster have 3 ranged attack which is very good damage to dealing with.
AttackerBlastI am using this monster as an attacker with blast abilities it will make adjacent monster of the target hit get blast effect and can make fast the opponent die. But this monster have super slow speed so it will be the last to attack. this monster have good range damage.
AttackerScattershotThis monster is having scattershot ability in the first place so the Aimless ruleset did not change anything on this monster but i am bringing this monster because with low mana have 2 range damage is very good to aid the total damage in my Ranged team. Hoping this monster can steal damage to killing opponent monsters first.

After looking my strategy how the battle ends?
Lets discuss it in Battlephase aye


In battle this time i meet Soulbound summoner Lobb Lowland that is very good in battle with ruleset like this but this summoner is cost 6 manacap that is very high mana to be used.And i have level advantage from the opponent summoner.

Round 1

As usual both parties got Buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters. In this battle this time the Sprint effect from Supply Runner got debuff with the summoner ability so it will be back to normal stats when the supply runner still alive. The first attack goes to my Supply Runner and dodged by opponent Gargoya Devil for your info as usual i am telling you bot is very very high got dodged i am very often meet the dodging attack from the opponent bot. After that both party attacking each other as you can see in GIF picture above and my Gargoya Devil can kill opponent Rune Crafter. After that opponent Hunter Jarx killing my Gargoya Devil. And once again my Goblin Tower missing attacking opponent Gargoya Devil. It is like very weird and ackward for me. Same Gargoya Devil similar ability but my Gargoya Devil even did not get miss at all even my level is more than the opponent.

Round 2

In early round 2 Supply Runner can beat Opponent Gargoya Devil that will make easy for my team beat down the enemy. Opponent just have low damage Ranged monster remaining. In contrary, my Team still have much attacker. And in no time my team can beat opponent Acid Shooter too. that leaving opponent just Hunter Jarx and Goblin Tower.

Round 3 (Last Round)

With remaining monster is opponent side is just Hunter Jarx and Goblin Tower. this is so easy to beat the opponent with my team right now. Total damage is bigger than opponent side. As you can see the GIF above you can enjoy the moment i am winning the battle.

If you want to look the video you can just klik and watch link below :

if the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Aimless and Ranged Only


After looking my battle i have opinion this battle can be very very good if the RNG is like can be arranged like many bot i encountered. With miss or the arranged target in every attack like that. I dont know it is true or not but i am feeling like game is side in bot than human player. Or i dont know maybe bot can calculate the RNG too so it will arranged the card automatically with the best win rate and arranged RNG. And as a human player the Aimless ruleset is very very random attack. cannot targeting the strong ones or the key in battle deck we bring so, for me Aimless ruleset can be exploited by bot in my opinion. And for this battle i am very lucky meet up opponent that using Lobb Lowland with low level. If the opponent bring Lobb Lowland same level with me maybe i am the lost one. You can watch and see again the battle above when the opponent Gargoya Devil can dodge my attack even the level is low. in contrary, my Gargoya Devil cannot Dodge any opponent attack. that is very rarely RNG sided to me.

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