Bring Powerless to Powerfull in Death Army

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Now i am write about one of my brawl battle that very interesting to discuss for me

In this content i want to share about using new Legendary Soulbounds card in death army that named Skuk Duskblight this monster is very good to bring the powerless monster to have attack in battle with Weapons Training ability. But before going further did you know that the battle in splinterlands have new system?? They using energy battle system that can recover 1 energy every hour and cost 1 energy every can read on this energy system battle. This new system in my opinion feel like developer support bot system i guess. Imagine user with same card to you can get win rate around 70-80% if using bot like Archmage or xbot and with the energy system like that we just have rewards around 45-50% winrate and often lose to user that using bot with win rate around 70-80% and with the win rate like that automatically the rewards goes to bot user and bot user definitely have more soulbound cards then human player because the win rate different. and with that in my opinion this new system is just helping bot user increasingly prosperous. but yeah, as human player nothing can do just play and have some fun right?? So lets talk about Skuk Duskblight then

As usual before we discussing in battlephase that good to know about the card that can help in some situation especially when the ruleset is for example Keep your distance or Wands out. With ability Weapon Training the powerless monster will have attack by half of the Weapon Training monster. So looking the Skuk Duskblight in picture bellow

The attack of this monster is 2 magic attack so it will give adjacent powerless monster half of this monster attack and get 1 magic attack at the moment. So for example if you place this monster flanked by monster that did not have attack like Riftwing or Will O wisp like that the other powerless will have 1 magic attack as long as Skok Duskblight level 1 and 2 this monster just can give adjacent 1 magic attack to powerless monster, but in level 3 this monster get very good ability that is ressurect that can ressurection one monster that die first. in Level 4 this monster get 1 additional attack that will make this mosnter have 3 magic attack and i dont have opportunity to do that so i dont know what will happen to the powerless monster. it will give still 1 magic damage or 2 magic damage. So, lets move to the strategy phase and look what i am arrange for the battle and see the placement strategy. Did it work or not.

Okay in this battle the ruleset is Explosive Weaponry and Aimless. when talking about Aimless you can see too the battle in battlemage challenge last week in here battlemage challenge. The manacap is 37 which is average manacap that can use some high mana monster combined with low mana monster and the element that cannot be used is Water and Earth Element. Okay my strategy is very limited because in my main account i just owned some max silver league card in just 3 element that is Earth,Water, and the last is Death element. i have some in Life element but the monster not well builded. so i am choosing Death element that i am confident with the card inside. pssttt.. and testing the Skuk Duskblight of course.
So this is my arrangement for this battle in table below :

Summoner-1 Magic & HPI am using this summoner because the other element i am just have Life summoner that not max silver and as i play in Gold League modern format that using summoner with lower than max silver league will make easy to lose so i am using the best chance to win with using this summoner and yes of course i want to trying Skok Duskblight too
TankerThornsI am using this monster because this monster have thorns ability that can bring back damage the attacker so opponent tanker will get damage to if they dont have Reflection Shield ability and this monster have high HP to hold 3 until 4 attack from the opponent.
Support Anti BlastReflection Shield, Camuflage, ImmunityI am using this monster because to utilize the Reflection Shield ability as anti blast of the opponent attack and the manacap of this monster is very low so it will give space to other high mana monster filling in this battlefield.
Tank SupportFlying & WeakenI am using this monster to utilize the Weaken ability and with Flying ability it can be as second tanker. This monster is very good for the guinea pig for testing Weapon Training ability from Skuk Duskblight so this monster will have 1 magic damage in this battle
AttackerWeapon TrainingI am using this monster because the truly intention is just want to testing new legendary soulbound edition.but also i want to testing how good this monster in battlefield. i am trying around 3 - 4 battle losing to trying how to using Weapon training ability and after that this battle going and have very good result
Tanker SupportFlying,Scavanger,BackfireI am using this monster as a tanker again if the opponent can penetrate my other tanker and this monster is very good too as a tanker with flying ability and backfire ability so if the opponent missing attack this monster it will get damage from backfire ability. and with scavanger ability this monster will have high HP if this monster going to the frontliner. And with help from Skuk Duskblight this monster will have 1 magic attack and can helping give damage to the opponent.
AttackerSnare & OpportunityI am using this monster as main attacker in this battle with opportunity and have Explosive Weaponary ruleset this is the best combination not just that this monster have 6 basic speed so this can make this monster very high chance to get attack first and can killing the opponent first. But the opportunity is not functional i think because the aimless ruleset.

So this is the line up of my arrangement in this ruleset. Hoping the battle go well as expected. Lets go to the battlefield aye.

Okay in this battle i am encountered with soulbounds life summoner called Franz Ruffmane and with conscript ability the opponent can bring one of the Gladius card in this battle. Lets go to round 1

Round 1 Part 1

Okay in this battle i am splitting round 1 be 2 part because round 1 is have 44 movement. Likely this round is all out movement.As usual in round 1 first movement is all monster get buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters. in my team the buff just adding 1 magic attack to Riftwing and Will O Wisp due to weapon training and get 1 speed debuffed from opponent time mage in contrary the opponent got 1 magic and HP debuff and got 1 HP buff from Djinn Renova. Even get speed debuffed still the first attack goes to Lira the Darkness and cracking the shield time mage and scavo hireling. and after that both team attack each other and in half round none of both team death.

Round 1 Part 2

Next on Round 1 part 2 the blast effect from Riftwing attack killing Scavo Hireling after that Skuk Duskblight succed attacking Captain Katie that give Blast effect ot Venari Marksrat and Time Mage and make this them faint. Because Venari Marksrat die Martyr effect activated and give additional status to Djinn Renova and Captain Katie. and in the end of this round as you can see GIF above the opponent remain Imperial Knight, Djinn Renova and Captain Katie. In contrary in my team still complete none of my monster fainted yet. So move up to round 2 and this is the last round too.

Round 2 (Last Round)

So round 2 is the last round with 27 movement and as you can see GIF above the remaining opponent is just 3 monster and Captain Katie did not activated bloodlust effect yet so it will make my team have big chance to winning this battle. Lira opening the attack with attacking Imperial Knight and giving blast to Djinn Renova after that Djinn Renova attacking Riftwing and give blast effect to Lira and Skuk and Cursed Windeku attacking Imperial Knight and give blast damage to Djinn Renova once again. and with the attack from Skuk Duskblight can killing Djinn Renova and Captain Katie with blast effect. and the last movement Imperial Knight attacking Cursed Windeku and get Thorns damage and die eventually.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there:

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Skuk Duskblight in action


Okay in my opinion first i want to talking about the new battle system my conclution is yes bot is got benefited from this energy system battle unless the dev banned bot that have 70-80 win rate especially the bot is really like manipulated miss maybe next time i want to share my battle with just 1 speed different can be missed the attack but the opponent still can give damage even the speed different is 4 or 5. thats very annoying and if this continue it is deeply regretted that the new player wont come anymore. and the worst possibility is human player that play the game did not have the fun and did not get nothing and then leave one by one. and just bot versus bot. As player that loving this game i hope the dev and the Splinterlands team consider this issues.
Second about Skuk Duskblight with Weapon Training ability. Weapon Training ability is very new and i am just get Skuk Duskblight card recently and want to testing in battle. Overall this monster is very good in some ruleset as i am explained earlier. But for level 1 and level 2 this monster is like cost much attack if you want to activate the adjacent by flank the Skuk itself. and replacing with 1 magic damage. For example you can change the Will O Wisp to card that have high magic damage such as Magi Necrosi or Magi of Chaos instead Will O Wisp and something like that. But if you have powerless monster with great debuff or support ability this Weapon Training ability is very usefull in the battlefield so the support monster will have the half of the attack from the Weapon Training monster. And Skuk itself is very good with the status but the weakness is this monster cost so much manacap with 8 manacap. in average manacap battle or low manacap battle this monster is not very usefull and be burden instead. But when level 3 above with Ressurect ability it will truly helpfull in the battlefield especially if combined with Astral Entity that can have 2 ressurect chance from Skuk Duskblight and from Astral Entity.

In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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