Water Caller did Awesome in a Water V Life Battle.

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I got a battle of 40 mana where I played a water v life battle in Fire & Regret Ruleset and my strategy worked well there. Using Alric Stormbringer as the summoner, I chose five water monsters and fought a life team with five life monsters and one neutral monster.

My Battle: Water V Life = Battle Link.

My Lineup Strategy: I chose a water team with six cards (A summoner card and 5 magic monster cards)

The battle was ruled by fire & regret ruleset and all monsters got return fire ability and monsters with return fire returns reduced damage back to their attacker when they gets hit with a ranged attack. Total mana for the battle was 40. After choosing the summoner that wastes 3 mana, I chose Runemancer Kye in level 1 for the 1st place that waste 11 mana and this monsters health increases each time it damages an enemy monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt for its life leech ability and for its flying ability, it has an increased chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from monsters who do not have the flying ability.

Then I chose Djinn Oshannus in level 1 for the second position that reduce damage from magic attacks for its void ability. Then I chose Nerissa Tridawn in level 2 for the third position and then Coral Wraith in level 2 for the fourth position that targets the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster for its sneak ability. And at last I chose Water Caller in level 2 for the fifth position it has a chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn for its stun ability.

All friendly monsters gets one extra magic attack from the rare summoner that I used and I used only magic monsters in this battle. And the enemy team used a rare life summoner that provided one armor to all enemy monsters and allowed the use of one additional gladiator card in the battle but the enemy team didn't choose any gladiator card.

Enemy teams Drybone Barbarian gets 50% bonus melee attack and speed when it is not at full health which was a bad news for the friendly team. And there were Venari Crystalsmith and Scavo Hiring to restore health and repair armor of that barbarian. Djinn Renova was there to increase health of all enemy monsters, Time Mage could decrease speed of all friendly monsters and War Pegasus has increased chance of evading melee and ranged attacks and also can destroy full armor of a target with one shot.
The battle started and my Djinn Oshannus attacked Drybone Barbarian of the enemy team damaged three health ignoring the armor and the enemy monster gained 50% melee and speed for not being at full health using its enrage ability.

Time Mage and War Pegasus of enemy team damaged one health and whole armor of Runemancer Kye and the friendly monster damaged the armor of War Pegasus using return fire. Venari Crystalsmith of enemy team resorted three health of Drybone Barbarian and tried to damage a health of Runemancer Kye but the friendly monster evade the damage using its flying ability and the barbarian there lost the extra melee and speed after getting to full health again.

Scavo Hireling repaired the armor of War Pegasus of enemy team and Runemancer Kye did a great mistake damaging some health of Drybone Barbarian as the barbarian later damaged eight health with one shot as it gained extra melee again. And Djinn Renova of enemy team then finished off the Runemancer Kye.
The friendly team already got victory after killing the Drybone Barbarian of enemy team and kind of the whole friendly team joined in forces to kill this barbarian.

Then Djinn Oshannus reduced its first damage from Time Mage and returned fire to War Pegasus. Nerissa Tridawn and then Water Caller attacked and killed the next enemy monster. Coral Wraith killed the War Pegasus and stopped Scavo Hireling from kept repairing its armor. Then Nerissa Tridawn killed Djinn Renova and Water Caller killed Scavo Hireling. And Djinn Oshannus killed the last enemy monster at the beginning of the new/last round and the battle was packed up in round 4.

End of the battle.

How's it? I'd like to get some honest opinions.
If anybody has any kinds of advice, suggestions on my game review/storytelling, I would be happy to receive them.

Thanks for reading my post.

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