Living Lava did Awesome in a Fire V Death Battle.

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I got a battle of 27 mana where I played a fire v death battle in Up Close & Personal Ruleset and my strategy worked well there. Using Tarsa as the summoner, I chose five fire monsters and fought a death team with four death monsters and one neutral monster.

My Battle: Fire V Death = Battle Link.

My Lineup Strategy: I chose a fire team with total six cards (A summoner card and 5 melee monster cards)

The battle was ruled by up close & personal ruleset and only monsters with melee attack can be used for this ruleset. Total mana for the battle was 27. After choosing the summoner that wastes 4 mana, I chose Living Lava in level 2 for the 1st place that waste 7 mana that reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks for its shield ability.

Then I chose Fineas Rage in level 2 for the second position and this monster may attack from the second position on the team being a melee attacker for its reach ability and Kobold Miner in level 2 for the third position that targets the last monster on the opponent team instead of the first monster for its sneak ability and Mordeus in level 1 for the fourth place that waste 7 mana that may attack from any position and will target the opponent monster with the lowest health for its opportunity ability and Scorch Fiend in level 1 for the last position.

All friendly monsters gets one extra melee attack as there are only melee attackers and one extra health from the rare summoner that I used in this battle. And the opponent's rare summoner removed the extra health that my monsters got from my summoner and also tried to remove magic attacks but I didn't have any magic attacker there.

From the opponent team - Cursed Windeku had the most important ability against my team as I chose only melee monsters. That opponent monster got thorns ability that does 2 melee damage to melee attacker when gets hit. Disintegrator also helped the opponent team a lot by reducing the extra melee attack from all my monsters that was given by the summoner and the opponent's monster did it using its demoralize ability.

Silent Sha Vi kept attacking my last monster instead of the first monster using its sneak ability and the other two opponent's monsters were unable to attack as they were melee monsters not holding the first place.
My Fineas Rage took the first turn and damaged two health of Cursed Windeku and the opponent monster then used its thorns ability and returned two damage to my Fineas Rage. And then Cursed Windeku did its original turn and sent two melee damage towards my Living Lava and my monster reduced that damage in half using its shield ability and lost only one armor.

Opponent's Silent Sha Vi then attacked and killed my Scorch Fiend using sneak ability as that monster of my team was at the last position. Then my Mordeus attacked the opponent monster with lowest health which was Carrion Shade and the opponent monster died there. My Kobold Miner then attacked the opponent's last monster Crypt Beetle using its sneak ability and the opponent monster reduced the single damage.

Then my Living Lava attacked and damaged three health of the Cursed Windeku and the opponent team then sent a two melee damage which damaged the one armor of my monster. Then my Fineas Rage damaged two more health of the Cursed Windeku in a new round and my monster lost two health as well for the thorns ability.
After Silent Sha Vi attacked and damaged two health of my Mordeus and left it with only two health, my monster then attacked and damaged the remaining health of Cursed Windeku and the opponent monster damaged the last two health of my Mordeus as well and my Mordeus left the battlefield before Cursed Windeku did.

Kobold Miner failed to mine again, I mean missed again on Crypt Beetle. My Living Lava then damaged the whole two armor of the opponent's Disintegrator. And the opponent monster then damaged one health of my Living Lava although it should've been a two damage but my monster reduced it. My Fineas Rage damaged two health of the Disintegrator in a new round leaving it for my Living Lava to kill. Then my Kobold Miner lost two health to Silent Sha Vi and missed its third attack as well.

Then my Living Lava killed Disintegrator and all my monsters got back the melee attack that they lost to Demoralize and now they're stronger. The opponent team lost their next monster Silent Sha Vi to my Living Lava as well and my Kobold Miner didn't miss the whole attack this time and damaged the armor of Crypt Beetle. The Crypt Beetle took a turn but my Living Lava reduced the whole and then my Fineas Rage killed the last opponent monster and the battle was packed up in round 5.

End of the battle.

How's it? I'd like to get some honest opinions.
If anybody has any kinds of advice, suggestions on my game review/storytelling, I would be happy to receive them.

Thanks for reading my post.

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