Splinterlands NFT's: What Have You Got So Far?


Splinterlands NFT's

So in case you don't know yet, the Splinterlands team, apart from working so hard to give us the best gaming experience of all, has also been teasing us with some NFTs in the market.

Over the past weeks, they had released several collectibles in the Splintertalk NFT Marketplace. There's the Alpha Collection and Splinterlands Collectibles, and just recently, they launched the Chaos Legion Collection.

While they do not add to the SPS collection points like the other Splinterlands assets (Hello, Splinterlands?! Any chance?), I still think it's nice to own a few of them.

My Collection

Two months ago, I also bought one Splinterlands NFT - Feeling Lucky? for 750 SPT.

Splintertalk NFT Marketplace: Are You Feeling Lucky?

That was the only one I could afford at that time and yeah, I was just testing the waters and did not know how this little investment would turn out.

Can you guess how much it is worth now?

Screenshot: My Collection - Splintertalk NFT Marketplace

Whew! Already worth 4000 SPT ($28 as of today's price) more!

How I wish I had more liquid SPT to spend...

Chaos Legion

And now with all the frantic anticipation for the Chaos Legion, the excitement level is too high. While I won't be able to purchase a lot of card packs in the pre-sale and get a high chance of that limited edition promo card, I just decided to make other Chaos Legion-related purchase.

Screenshot: Splintertalk NFT Marketplace

Again, on a limited budget, I was only able to purchase one Mysterious Rune NFT worth 2500 SPT.

Who could have carved such a thing this deep into the jungle? Was it a clue to the origins of the magic energy that this land seemed to literally hum with? What did it signify?

While I wanted to buy all of the Chaos Legion NFT's, it was all I could afford. LOL.

The Chaos Legion Collection: Splintertalk NFT Marketplace

To Flip or Not To Flip?

... is the question.

One day later, my 2500SPT purchase is now worth 4000 SPT. The first purchase as I said is also now worth more.

So far I do not see any use-case for these NFTs apart from yeah, collectibles.

Hmmm, I think I'm going to hold on to them for now and see. Who knows, Splinterlands may have bigger plans for them (nothing wrong with high hopes, eh?!)

How about you? Have you bought any Splinterlands NFTs? What do you think of them?

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Cover Image Created via Canva.
Photos are screenshots taken from the game Splinterlands.com
NFT's screenshot from Splintertalk Marketplace

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