Wild vs Modern Ranked Format

We are now almost a week into the new Wild and Modern Ranked format, and I'm really struggling in the Modern Ranked format even though I was doing fine previously in the original format.

Format Comparison

Here's a comparison of how I have been doing so far. In terms of points, my rating for the Wild Ranked format is at 1,378 points and my rating for the Modern Ranked format is at 1,236 points. I haven't been playing Wild much, else the rating would have been usually higher by now. I've been mostly playing the Modern format and half the time I get opponents with summoners that are at least level 3 or 4, and I most get wiped out by them. As such, my rating for the Modern Ranked format has been fluctuating between Silver III and Silver II. The result is also a lower number of Season and Daily chest rewards too.

A solution to this is to spend more money to level up my cards, but I'm not willing to spurge at this point in time.

Reasons for the difference

I see two possible reasons for this difference in the difficulty.

  1. The Modern Ranked Format is still new and many newer players have not moved to this format.
  2. The mobile app is only recently updated (I think past 1 or 2 days), and those playing using mobile were not able to play on the Modern format.

Or it could just simply be that I need to level up my cards more in order to progress further in the Modern Ranked Format.

Does anyone else have any insights as to why the Modern Ranked Format is harder at the same league?


I'm not really willing to spurge at this time where most of my crypto holdings had a big drop in value. Maybe, I'll spend more to level up the cards when the crypto prices go back up a lot more. In meantime, I may try to play in the Wild format first and try the Modern format again in the later half of the season. Hopefully, I'll get better results doing this

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Thanks for reading!

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