Splinterlands Reward System Changes


With the current new season, significant changes have been made to the rewards system. Is it a better change for us players? First, let us take at the changes.

Daily Rewards
It used to be a fixed number of daily rewards for completing the daily quest. E.g. 2 per day for Silver III and 3 per day for Silver II. Now, you’ll need to collect Focus Points for the Focus Splinter (e.g. Fire Splinter), by winning your battles with that Splinter.


Based on my battles so far, I think I’ll average around 1k Focus Points per battle. Realistically, i don’t think I can win 25 battles (for optimal ECR usage) daily using the same Splinter, so I think I can get only 1 or 2 Focus chests daily.


Season Rewards
Similar to daily rewards, the season’s rewards used to be fixed number of rewards - 9 for Bronze I, 12 for Silver III, 15 for Silver II and so on. The new system is based on Focus Points like the daily rewards. The difference is that all your battle wins will contribute Focus Points for the season rewards. It’s only day 1 so far, but my gut feel is that I can end the season with 25 to 30 chests.


So is the new system better?
For a 15 day season, the old system would have yielded around 45 daily chests and 15 season chests, for the Silver II that I usually end up with. For the new system, I estimate that I’ll end up with 22 daily chests and 30 season chests. That makes the total rewards less than previously (52 vs 60), and seems worse based on initial estimates.

However, it’s still early in the season and I hope to review this again at the end of the season for a better comparison.

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Thanks for reading!

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