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Hi everyone! It's time for the a weekly battle challenge, and the challenge for this week is the Molten Ash Golem.

About the Monsters

Molten Ash Golem
Molten Ash Golem is a Rare card which is great at level 1 with high Health (9) and has the Close Range ability, which allows it to attack in the first position. It gets the Weaken ability from level 5 and Demoralize at level 8. I’m using the basic level 1 version.


Equalizer: The initial Health of all the Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base health
Only the Fire, Water, Life, Death and Dragon Splinters can be used
Mana Cap: 60
Format: Modern

Cards & Line Up


Summoner: Quix the Devious - This reduces the Speed and Ranged Attack of the opponent’s deck by 1.
The Line Up

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6


Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6

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1Djinn ChwalaIt has has 9 Health, 5 Shield and the Thorns ability against melee attacks. It’s main use here is to reflect Melee damage.
2Molten Ash GolemIt has high health and the Close Range ability. It's main purpose is to act as the secondary tank to absorb damage.
3Chaos DragonA good Dragon card with high health, with the Flying and Scattershot ability. I'm using it to randomly damage the opponent and it acts as the third tank.
4TechnowizologistIt does 2 Magic damage and has the Stun ability. The Stun ability is a great advantage when it does take effect.
5Djinn InferniIt's used here mainly for the 3 Magic damage and the Giant Killer ability, in case the opponent uses high mana cards.
6Djinn ApprenticeAnother nice Magic attack card from the Fire Splinter.


The ruleset for Equalizer and high mana cap meant that it will be great to use high mana cards that do decent damage with low health, and I chose to use mainly Magic attack cards with lower base health from the Fire Splinter to take advantage of the ruleset, and the Chaos Dragon to bring up their health to at least 10.

The River Hellondale is a rather irritating card with its Resurrect ability and the card that was resurrect in this case was the Diemonshark. Luckily, my deck was mainly Magic damage and the resurrection didn't slow me down too much. The Stun ability from Technowizologist took effect a few times, which I thought was critical in this battle. The Molten Ash Golem missed a lot but did its job as the designated secondary tank.

Thoughts on the cards

I must say that the Molten Ash Golem wasn't very effective in this fight and the Lava Launcher would have worked a little better in this strategy. Nevertheless, the Molten Ash Golem would still be good in rulesets such as Keep Your Distance where Melee Monsters can't be used and it would be a good option as the main or secondary tank.


Watch the battle here

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2 columns
1 column