BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Rise of the Commons!


Hi everyone! It's time for the weekly Battle Mage Secrets challenge and the challenge this week is the Rise of the Commons Ruleset.

About the Ruleset

Rise of the Commons

The Rise of the Commons ruleset states that "Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles". This means that we'll have to rethink on the strategy used as we won't have access to the awesome Epic and Legendary monsters.

Battle Ruleset(s)

Details of my battle with this ruleset is as follows.

Aimless: All Monsters have the Scattershot ability
Rise of the Commons: Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles
Only the Fire, Life and Dragon Splinters can be used
Mana Cap: 21
Format: Modern

Cards & Line Up


Summoner: General Sloan - This increases the Ranged attack of my deck by 1.

The Line Up

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6


Position 1
Position 2
Position 3

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1Pelacor ConjurerIt has no attack but has the Flying and Magic Reflect ability, and can provide some dodges, and magic reflection damage.
2VulguineIt provides a build up of its health with its Scavenger ability, if it doesn't get hit in the first round.
3Celestial HarpyIt's low mana cost and has the Flying and Opportunity ability, helping to target the lower health monsters first.
4Time MageIt helps to slow the opponent down with its Slow abilty, and hopefully gives me an advantage in attacking first.
5Venari CrystalsmithIt has a decent attack and can provide heals to the tank with its Tank Heal ability.
6Stitch LeechIt is low cost and has a decent amount of damage, and has the Sneak ability for backline attacks.


The ruleset here meant that (1) ranged and magic monsters will choose their targets randomly, and (2) only common and rare monsters can be used.

As this is a fairly low mana battle, I opted for the use of the Life Splinter as I had a good number of low mana monsters. I made sure to fill up all six positions to spread the attacks made under the Aimless ruleset. I also chose a couple of melee monsters with the Sneak and Opportunity ability so that I'll have some control over where the attacks will go.

The opponent opted to use just 3 monsters - Imperial Knight, Venari Crystalsmith and Pelacor Arbalest. This was where my melee monsters came in handy to get rid of his Pelacor Arbalest in round 1 and Venari Crystalsmith in round 2. Most of the backline damage was done by the Celestial Harpy and Stitch Leech, which was great for me. Time Mage and Venari Crystalsmith only got 1 hit at the backline in those 2 rounds even though the probability of hitting the last 2 cards was about 66.7%.

Thoughts on the Rise of the Commons Ruleset

I think Rise of the Commons ruleset is a restrictive one, as we do not have access to the stronger Epic and Legendary monsters. However, it does put you and your opponent on more equal footing, since the opponent may own Epic and Legendary cards that put you at a disadvantage. It was also fortunate that the battle was a low mana one, as I would struggle to fill up the slots with a high mana battle.


Watch the battle here

3 columns
2 columns
1 column