[Pixel Art] Splinterlands Art Contest : Cursed Windeku

How are you doing? :)
For this week's Splinterlands Art Contest,
I present to you the 'Cursed Windeku'.


My artwork

The title of my work is 'Not cursed Windeku'.

The original looks kinda scary and disturbing though.

But there must be a Windeku that is not cursed somewhere, right? 😅



Cursed Windeku are nightmarish creatures that live in the deepest and darkest woods. They hunt at night, stalking their prey before attacking with their claws, while their thorn-like horns and natural healing ability provide an excellent defense. They exude a pungent pheromone that reduces the reaction time of their victims, often allowing the Windeku to begin devouring them before they are dead. While these lifeless creatures may appear animalistic, they are highly intelligent. They have heeded the call put forth by the Lord of Darkness. Their thirst for blood is now focused on the Chaos Legion. - Splinterlands

The lore and the look of the monster are little scary. 😮

However, it is a death monster and it really fits well to the concept.


The Progress

I used 'Krita' for my work.

I've been wanting to work on Cursed Windeku for some time.
Because I like the idea of making cute versions of not cute characters.
Such as, Hulk, Vecna, etc.

I am not super happy about the horns though.
I think I should practice more on describing slim objects like branches or horns.

Anyways, I hope you guys like my work.


GIF Thank You - Pixel Little Spirit by Jian Forest.gif

That's it for today!
See ya~


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