4 Mistakes You probably Make When You Rent.

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1. Avoid the clock

This might be obvious for most reader, but this hits pretty much every single beginner in the game!
Splinterlands has a function called "cooldown" that stops cards from being used by more than one player in a certain time-period.
Meaning: If you rent a card, that somebody else used before you, you just wasted your money!

How do you check for cooldown? Easy! Avoid this clock, if you rent:


2. Don't rent for weeks (SPS!)

I often see people rent for weeks at a time! That might make sense, if you have a particularly good deal on a card and are afraid of losing it, if you forget to extend the rent, but most of the time it's just a random bunch of cards. When you rent cards you will only pay for the current day. The rest of your rent is going into escrow, so that you can get it back, in case the rent is cancelled prematurely. The problem with that is the airdrop! If you invest a big chunk of money into the rent, you are losing valuable airdrop-points. You can always extend your rent on peakmonster.com Just go for the bulkview and click on the following icon:


3. Rent for half price!

There is another reason, I don't want you to rent for long periods. You can play two daily quests on one rent, if you're smart! The daily quest-timer starts the second you start your first quest and your renting period of 24 hours starts when you click "rent".
So let's exlpoit this! After activating your daily quest, wait for 4-6 hours before you start renting and gaming. This way you can start the next daily quest in 18-20 hours and have time to play the next quest with the sameday rent!
One day rent for two daily quest. This is the biggest moneysaver in this post! Mark it well!

4. Don't marry your rented cards.

This is another trick involving peakmonsters.com. If you don't listen to me and rent for a longer period, you have to stay flexible.
Make sure to regularly check the rentals market for cheaper options and switch to a cheaper object.
Also make sure to check for alternatives. You don't HAVE to play Llamakron to move through bronze! If a certain combo is too expensive or not working anymore be ready to experiment with others. This is the beauty of rentals. You can learn about the game and try out tons of cards, without getting married to them!



What do you guys think? Does this make sense? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to like and subscribe!

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