[Digital Art] The Truthspeaker - Splinterlands Art Contest week 165

I haven't participated in one of the Splinterlands Art Contests in... years! Well, better late than never. So here I go with my entry to it for this week, Week 165 of the contest (holy crap, that's a lot of weeks it's been running for!).


Truthspeaker small.png

First up, line art! I chose to fanart on the Truthspeaker card. Because everyone needs a little light in their lives (I say as I tap into my inner Bob Ross). I figured, as she speaks to the Angels, why not pose her in such a position to show it.


Next up was blocking in the colours. The card itself has a few so I used those, and changed up the value and shade to contrast better.


Shadows! I wanted dramatic lighting for this piece to convey the serenity and holiness of the Truthspeaker in her act of speaking. I also added highlights, just temporarily, so keep track of the light source.


I wasn't satisfied with just the block shading so I created a new layer and did some soft shading to accompany it (the result you'll see just now).


With that done, and now with two very different shading techniques, I blended the layers using Soft-Light and Overlay to get an exaggerated dramtic lighting effect. All that's left is the background, some touch-ups, and additional secondary lighting from the Angel Light she's conjuring. Et voila!


And here's a gif of the progress, because why not? It looks cool and there's something satisfying about seeing art in-progress in real-time.



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