Splinterlands Art Contest Week 297 : One Eyed Slinger

Another week of the Splinterlands Fan Art Challenge, another chance to showcase the art I’ve created. Lately, I’ve been into the halftone effect because I find it really beautiful.

This week, I chose to create art featuring Cyclops, an old Neutral Character from Splinterlands.

Image Source: Splinterlands.com

Cyclops is a Rare Card with a ranged attack. When leveled up, it gains the abilities of Shield and Stun. You can only use this card when playing in wild rank battles.

For this drawing, I started by drawing Cyclops to look like a Goblin with pointed ears and a snub nose. I gave him a rock to hold because, according to the lore, he holds a rock. Cyclops only wears a loincloth, so I didn’t have to draw much clothing. After that, I finalized the outline I created.

Once I finalized the outline, I started coloring, beginning with flat colors.

After coloring inside the outline, I added a halftone layer, setting the halftone color to overlay with a slightly darkened tone.

Once everything was colored, I worked on the background effect. I used pointed lines for the background.

After that, I added a layer behind it and created a gradient of orange and yellow.

I also added halftone on top of this, making it look like a shadow.

For each halftone layer, I varied the size of the circles, ranging from 10 to 60.

I finally finished my art, and this is how it turned out.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you like my art.
See you again next week.

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