Splinterlands Social Media won with OWSTER ROTWELL anti magic and anti melee attack almost covered

Always before thinking about strategies it is good to take into account the rules of battle and in this case I will show

How to make good use of the battle rules to use them to your advantage

Like losing as your own enemy where my opponent didn't realize and I used several cards that favored me because it was a disadvantage for my opponent.


First battle example of good use of battle rules.



In battle conditions we have that all cards will have thorns so it would be a good idea to avoid using cards with this type of attack.

We also have the restriction of only using cards with 4 or less mana and we have the red, white and black deck to use and 44 mana available, which is more than enough since with only 24 mana available we can use the 6 positions with 4 mana if we wish.

My Team


This summoner gives all my monsters a magical reflection, which gives them the opportunity, in addition to returning 2 damage if the opponent attacks with melee attack monsters, it will also return half of the magical damage received.
Additionally, it is level 2, which benefits my strategy by being able to use higher level 2 cards.


I placed this monster as a tank so that it can last one or 2 rounds while my other monsters eliminate my opponent.

He has 6 health, which is an average amount that would allow him to resist several attacks in addition to 4 speed and flight, which gives him a good chance of dodging many attacks if my opponent uses ranged attack cards.+

The scavenger ability will give you even more resistance by increasing life for each killed monster.


This magic attack card will directly attack my opponent without taking into account his shield, and with the LIFE LEECH ability it will increase life equal to the amount of damage done.

This will provide more resistance and duration while I eliminate my enemy.


Just like in the previous case, it will have a similar function and it also has the LIFE LEECH ability that will give it more resistance by giving it more life if it is in the first life, only that this monster has 3 life instead of 2 life.


This is an attack card that eliminates my opponent with its 2 ranged attack and 3 speed.


In addition to providing attack damage, it also gives all cards 2 shields, which will protect you from melee and ranged attacks.



In this first turn all my players attack and successfully attack GIANT SCORPION, leaving it at 1 life, but additionally my REVEALER applies a STUN to it, which prevents it from attacking.

My opponent attacks my RIFTWING and leaves it with 1 shield and 2 health, which would allow it to possibly resist 2 or more attacks.


In this round I eliminate his GIANT SCORPION in the first attack, which increases the life of my RIFTWING, which allows him, although he is eliminated, to withstand all of my enemy's attacks in this round.

While I deal damage to his RIFTWING and leave it at 4 life and due to the magic reflection damage his cards LIFE SAPPER and VENARI BONESMITH with his LIFE LEECH ability would increase in life due to the magic reflection they do not increase in life while my two monsters who have that skill if they raise life.

In addition, his DOCTOR BLIGHT left him at 2 life so far this turn.

In this round I eliminate one card and leave another devil and several magic cards.


In this round I eliminated his RIFTWING even though my SOUL STRANGLER did not hit the hit, here the flying ability of his monster was evident, which increases the probability of dodging his card.

My enemy attacks my REVEALER but since he has a + 2 shield that my RAVENHOOD WARDEN gives him, this allows him to survive for the next round, leaving him with 1 life and 1 shield.

RONDA 4 and 6

From this round my opponent is already lost since here in round 4 I eliminated his VENARI BONESMITH and through the magic reflex skill I also eliminated his DOCTOR BLIGHT and my opponent eliminated REVEALER.

Therefore, here there will only be 2 monsters left that never manage to eliminate more of my monsters while I manage to eliminate between rounds 5 and 6 their last two monsters.


As we saw here the key was my summoner who gave everyone the MAGIC REFLECTION skill, which in addition to doing damage with my monsters the MAGIC REFLECTION skill did damage to their magic cards so my opponent decided to place several and wanted to have the thorns ability made my opponent refrain from placing more melee cards.

Additionally, my REVEALER with its STUN ability prevented damage from my opponent that contributed to my victory.

My two monsters with LIFE LEECH ability increased their life so when they reached the first life it gave them more resistance which allowed me to eliminate my opponent thus reducing their attack power while I kept the monsters alive.


I showed an example of how to correctly use the battle rules to win but I ran into a battle that my opponent even though I correctly used a summoner that was a disadvantage for my magic strategy, however my opponent did not pay attention well and used two monsters of ranged attack that had a disadvantage with the battle rule that existed at that time.




The battle conditions are as we see, there is no shield, and all monsters will have RETURN FIRE, so monsters that make the ranged attack will receive a portion of their damage back.

So it is advisable not to use monsters with this type of attack since they will be hurting themselves.


Here in this battle I followed a strategy with magic that avoids the shield. Furthermore, my first card is a good tank that protects itself from magical attacks and my second card has a lot of attack as well and a lot of life, it would be my second tank although it does not have any protection at least When he is in the front row I have reduced his attack power by eliminating several cards.

We see that even though it reduced my magic attack, my summoner left it the same and managed to eliminate the first card in the first round and my enemy eliminated only one card and it managed to dodge one of his attacks so I avoided damage to my tank in one fell swoop. of his letters.

In the second round I eliminated another card from my opponent and I also eliminated another one from my opponent. In addition, my tank managed to dodge a magical attack, so I accumulated 2 avoided attacks that were not damage to my tank and was fundamental for my victory.

Also, while they attack me with their cards from a distance, they hurt themselves, helping to eliminate themselves, which was a mistake on my opponent's part.

In addition, one of my monsters managed to place a STUN on it, so it is a more prevented attack with these are 3.

Already in this round it is the debacle for my opponent because I manage to eliminate 2 of his cards without it being able to attack due to the STUN and the other eliminates itself due to the RETURN FIRE.

In the last round I eliminate the 2 remaining cards.


As we saw, it is very important to pay attention to the battle rules. In the first battle shown, I managed to eliminate my opponent by making good use of the battle rules in my favor, avoiding using cards that have a disadvantage in that rule and using cards that enhance the respective rule.

In the second fight my opponent made a mistake and used ranged attack cards which were a disadvantage in this battle rule so we must always be careful to make an alignment that allows us to get closer to victory

I hope you like my contribution.

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