Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Splinterlands 6 Year Anniversary! My story and some recommendations learned in the 4 years since I entered

It's been 6 years of SPLINTERLADS, 6 years of remembering and the beginnings to the present day as they have been.


At first I started in the world of NFT games, being a scholarship holder at AXIE INFYNITI, my friend ***@bulkathos ** was in SPLINTERLANDS for a while and he invited me to come to SPLINTERLANDS, and at that time they gave those who brought new players a very good and he decided to invite my brother BYZANTINE KITTY and my brother got another good card but he sold it and I don't remember which one.

I continued with the AXIE INFINITY game and as I entered the growth phase where I earned 300 dollars even though I was only a scholarship recipient, I got motivated and with those earnings I paid for school, and I bought my 3 AXIES aspiring to win everything that was earned in that moment but when I achieved it I entered the decline phase and AXIES went from 400 dollars each to 3 dollars each.

But at least at that moment take advantage and buy SUMMONER'S SPELLBOOK.

I started in July 2021, expanding the expansion of UNTAUMED, the AZAMARE DICE, which I bought one but after the last airdrop had been carried out.


I try to balance the time I spend in SPLINTERLANDS with spending time with my family, writing articles here and doing events at my celebration agency and until now I almost manage to balance it.

I try to do 2 hours a day, which I try to do when I return from school and when I go to pick up my girls, there I do the classification fights and the

You can balance the time of SPLINTERLADS and to make the articles I try to find one day a week to make them.


At that time they gave you the START cards, that is, cards that you could play without having ownership over them, but there you could win prizes with them, therefore I began to form an alignment playing with them and that is how I began to play and win my first cards.

At that time, depending on which league you were in, you only got two or 3 chests, but there was a potion that existed at that time where when using it they gave you 5 additional chests and it is there that I managed to obtain these legendary cards that are very useful to me. At that time I was around the BRONZE league, however there I was able to obtain this legendary that I use a lot now.

Then there was the change from a few chests per day to possibly many chests per day, came FOCUS points, which depending on how you got a type of card that day, such as only FLIGHT cards, or a specific color, if you had them. you used you got more focus points there I managed to obtain the following legendaries.

At that time I managed to be in the silver league so that's why I managed to obtain, in addition to other cards, also legendary cards and some epic ones.

I had borrowed $70 from a friend to make some things for my daughters, after a very long time I managed to pay him and he returned it to me and when I sold it I managed to buy 20 CHAOS LEGION envelopes, and after that I bought many more CHAOS LEGION envelopes and I had a positive balance between what was spent and the cards obtained.

Then I changed the REWARS cards, which could be sold to the SOUL BOUND cards, and added to the cards obtained in the rewards and the cards obtained in the CHAOS LEGION envelopes, I managed to raise almost all the cards to at least level 2 or more and then the change happened in which the ability to choose the league level you wanted to stay was eliminated and the focus was removed and there I obtained good legendary cards and finally completed summoners at silver and gold level.

There I was able to get my first golden legendary card, something I thought was impossible but it does happen. In addition, I have been able to raise several of those legendaries to level 2 and one of them, the USUT, to level 3. This makes it more important for me to be able to raise the summoners to levels for gold, at least so I can take advantage of the full potential of my legendary level cards. superior.


My next goal is to continue leveling up my cards to raise them all to gold and the fundamental thing to achieve that is to raise all the summoners, if possible, of gold foil as high as possible in order to earn more by taking advantage of the additional that is gained by using gold cards. golden plate, I have already managed to raise many of the SOUL BOUND summoners.

I also want to accumulate SPS, in order to earn more rewards that although many think that SPLINTERLANDS is in the doldrums, it was not as abrupt as other games like AXIE INFINITY, and even the developers listen to the community and still have room for improvement and to re-emerge.


Something I didn't mention but I wanted to recommend to new players is that they try to enter a guild and even though it seems like paying some SPS to be there is a lot in the end it's worth it since there are many BRAWL cards for the new summoners SOUL BOUND, gives you the chance to win many battles in the qualifiers, plus you can earn something additional by doing BRAWL battles, which is one per week, in my case I started a guild, DARK HARVEST, whose arena was a star and then we managed to go up to 2 Stars earning at that time between 7 SPS to 9 SPS go on to earn between 20 SPS, although the average is 15 SPS.

Then I moved to my current guild where I called several of my old guild the LIFE IS PAIN, where we earn more than 30 SPS a week.

This is how I managed to win these legendary and epic cards, many of which are very strong.

This way, when you play in the guilds, your STANKED SPS increases.

Another way to win is by entering tournaments, most of which are free and only require a certain amount of SPS STAKED, the minimum to access most of them is 6000 SPS min, which is currently $80, which is not much. and by being able to access these tournaments whose entry is free, you practice and in the process you can earn SPS that are not placed in STAKED, automatically so you can use them to rent cards or buy and thus grow little by little.

Of course If you want to accelerate your growth you can buy CHAOS LEGION packs, which for their price you can obtain good LEGENDARY cards, and in the process obtain on average more good cards than the money spent as I have managed to do.

Thus, by combining the rewards obtained in the qualifying battles, collecting SPS that I use to rent GOLDEN SHEET cards, and thus increase my rewards more and combining with the profits from the GUILDS, I have been able to advance and I feel that I will advance even more and I still see potential in it. game that has changed its dynamics, making it interesting by changing the strategies each time.

I hope you like this tour made by me in SPLINTERLANDS, hoping that other new players are encouraged to enter this exciting and fun world of SPLINTERLANDS.

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