Battle Mage Secrets RULESET: Equalizer With a blue alignment and using the THANALORIAN SCION card

This challenge is very interesting since in this battle condition it imposes a very interesting challenge.




All unit start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.

Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.

This battle condition imposes an interesting challenge by maximizing the life of all the cards with maximum life, which makes them all potential tanks, but if we choose cards with a lot of shield this will make it even more difficult for our lineup to be eliminated. Furthermore, we must choose the maximum possible damage to be able to eliminate our opponent more quickly.

My Battle


This battle condition, in addition to the Equalizer condition, we have HOLY PROTECTION, which gives all cards the DIVINE SHIELD ability, so the first attack does not affect the cards. To manage this battle rule you can place cards with double attack or cards with the BLAST ability.

Additionally, we can only use cards with magic attacks, so this poses an interesting challenge since cards with shields will be useless unless they have the VOID SHIELD ability.

We also have a mana limit of 39 and we can use all colors except white and green.

My Team


This summoner is level 2 which will allow me to activate or have some of my cards be higher than level 1 which could bring me advantages, in addition the +1 shield will help my main tank with VOID SHIELD resist more turns and speed +1 will allow all or most of my cards to attack first.


This card will be the super tank since it has 10 shield and by the Equalizer battle rule it will also have 9 life and since it has the VOID SHIELD ability, in this case the magic attacks will hit first on the shield and then on life so it will be a super shield.

Additionally, the summoner will raise it by +1 shield and my VENARI WAVESMITH will raise it by +2 shield, this will make my card have 13 shield at the end, making it a super tank for my THANALORIAN SCION, which in this case its CORROSIVE WARD ability will be effective in this case.


This will be my second most important tank and thinking about it I shouldn't have put it here but further back because they all had the same life.

I put this one mainly because of its magical attack power of 3, which will make it easier for me to eliminate my opponent faster.


I placed this card mainly for its STUN ability that would allow me to block an attack from my enemy and thus avoid damage for a turn.


This monster will help me with its BLAST ability to attack the card on the enemy's second line, thus allowing me to remove the DIVINE SHIELD and thus be able to attack this card in the next turn or reducing its life when it falls on the first turn. line.

It also has a great attack of 2 that will help me do great damage, contributing to the quick death of my opponent.


This other monster will have the same function as the previous one but since my RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN will have already removed the DIVINE SHIELD it will do a damage of one so when it lands in second place it will already be damaged.


This card will help me add an additional +2 shield, thus increasing the survival of my THANALORIAN SCION tank.


RONDA 1 and 2

In this first turn, due to the FOG OF WAR combat rule, all the cards attack the first line and while my enemy manages to leave my THANALORIAN SCION at 7 shield and 8 life since his summoner subtracted -1 of life to all my letters.

The other thing to highlight is that my opponent took the strategy of placing cards that increase his life by particularly attacking his LIFE SAPPER, VENARI BONESMITH and his WITCH OF WARWICK, which also has BLOOD LUST that will increase all his statistics if he manages to eliminate with that card one of my letters.

But like the first card they hit his shield and are not reducing the life of my THANALORIAN SCION.

His SCAVO TECHNOMANCER also did damage to his second line card so I took away his DIVINE SHIELD.

In addition, his REVEALER manages to apply a STUN to my THANALORIAN SCION.

I managed to leave his MAGI NECROSI at 3 life.

I managed to damage his VENARI BONESMITH with my RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN and my SCAVO TECHNOMANCER, leaving him at 8 life and taking away his DIVINE SHIELD.

In round 2 my enemy only manages to finally remove the entire shield from my THANALORIAN SCION and this time he fails to STUN my THANALORIAN SCION his REVEALER.

I managed to eliminate his MAGI NECROSI at the beginning of the turn and attacked his VENARI BONESMITH, leaving him at 2 life, attacking his LIFE SAPPER with the BLAST ability, removing his DIVINE SHIELD and making him 1 win and leaving him at 8 life.

RONDA 3 and 4

In round 3 I managed to eliminate VENARI BONESMITH at the beginning and left his LIFE SAPPER at 2 health, and doing damage to his REVEALER with the BLAST ability, leaving him in 8 life.

This time my enemy leaves my THANALORIAN SCION at 4 health and his REVEALER manages to apply a STUM to him.

In round 4 he managed to eliminate his LIFE SAPPER at the beginning of the turn and left his REVEALER at 2 life.

My enemy manages to eliminate my THANALORIAN SCION in the end, but the one that manages to eliminate him is his WITCH OF WARWICK, which raises all his statistics (magic attack to 3, speed to 2, due to his BLOODLUST skill, but due to his LIFE LEECH skill he raised his life at 11.

RONDA 5,6,7 and 8

In round 5 he managed to eliminate his REVEALER and left his WITCH OF WARWICK at 6 life.

My enemy manages to attack my NERISSA TRIDAWN, leaving him at 1 life and due to his LIFE LEECH ability he goes up to 8 life.

In round 6 he managed to eliminate his WITCH OF WARWICK leaving his SCAVO TECHNOMANCER at 6 life.

My enemy manages to eliminate my NERISSA TRIDAWN.

Already in round 7 and 8 I manage to eliminate his last card and defeat my enemy.


Here the key to my victory was first of all my tank THANALORIAN SCION that at the beginning in the first 3 rounds, I prevented his monsters with the LIFE LEECH ability from increasing life since they were attacking the shield and not the life of my tank .

Also, having such a large shield with the VOID SHIELD ability, all magical attacks were forced to hit the shield, so by not taking life away from my tank, its ability was not activated and that is why they did not gain life.

In addition to my two cards with the BLAST ability, I attack the second line card, taking the DIVINE SHIELD, and doing damage to it, thus allowing almost every turn to kill at least one or more of my enemy's cards, while he did not eliminate anyone. and only after the 4th turn, he manages to eliminate the first one.

In addition, overall I had more magical attack power than my opponent, and more speed.

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